March 3, 2024

Debate on racism after TV show - "I don't know what I've seen for a long time"

Debate on racism after TV show – “I don’t know what I’ve seen for a long time”

In a World Development Report broadcast, only white celebrities discuss the topic of racism in a very offensive way. The criticism is great.

Curator Stephen Halashka (left) asked his guests if it was necessary to rename the Z sauce.

Curator Stephen Halashka (left) asked his guests if it was necessary to rename the Z sauce “no,” they found.

Photo: WDR screenshot

If five privileged white media professionals talk to each other on TV about which terms are racist and which aren’t, they can easily go wrong. This could be the obvious in 2021. Spoilers beware: it’s not.

WDR titled “The Last Instance” is currently facing severe criticism on social media, not just for the studio’s guest choice. But also because, in the eyes of many viewers, one ignorant or racist comment after another came out.

In the iteration of the television series, understood as talk of opinion, the question was, among other things, what terms are still allowed to be used in Germany. “Z-Sauce,” for example, or the word N. However, it looks like this there:

Janine Koons, the actress, who may still be well-known to some from “Hausmeister Krause”, says of the controversy surrounding “Z-Sauce” (Knorr renamed his sauce in 2020) that “stirring up trouble and intimidation” is overrated. That is the real problem. “With Z ****** – Schnitzel I never thought of distinguishing.”

Curator Stephen Halashka points out, “It’s not true at all!” Cries from Jürgen Milski (older brother Jürgen) that many people feel discriminated against this term and cites a statement issued by the Central Council of Sinti and Rome, which considers the term to be a “strange term from the majority society burdened with clichés”, “a term rejected by most Sinti and Roma “. However, Koons disgusts this statement – practically unimpressed – and claims that “two or three people have nothing to do with anything” and began with such “nonsense.” You find this “upsetting” because: “The origins of many words are not negative.”

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Comedian and presenter Uriel Mertz doesn’t leave it like this on Twitter:

The fact that Jürgen Milski then deliberately prolonged the word “negative”, repeated it several times and used it to mock supposed political correctness, made the level drop even further.

Thomas Gottschalk’s verbal contributions attest, whether he now also had to say “salt shaker” in the restaurant, or the anecdote that he once showed up at a bankers party named Jimmy Hendrix with a black face and thus now knows “how blacks feel”, for this reason, there are a lot of Ignorance towards anyone who has been subjected to discrimination, ill-treatment or murder in Germany because of his gender, origin or skin color.

Indirectly, the show revealed above all the self-portraits of studio guests and with them supposedly many white Germans who naturally feel part of the majority community. Perhaps that is why they do not feel the desire to abandon their language habits and privileges.

In other words: the current episode of “the last example” is somewhere between the brutal Bomer crisis, and a lot of ignorance from the white media and racism. Anyway, anger is great:

Famous writer Sasha Stanisic also spoke with a fundamental criticism:

Meanwhile, the World Development Report reacted to the massive criticism and acknowledged that the editorial team made mistakes when selecting the guests: “With such a sensitive topic, people who present different perspectives and / or are directly affected should participate in the discussion. “

Another related video, posted on Twitter by German journalist Dozen Tikal, is now circulating. That Gianni Jovanovich – the son of a gypsy family, businessman and activist, comedian.

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In January 2020, he explained on WDR “Kölner Treff” why he found a problem with the word Z. “The word” Z was tattooed on the skin of my relatives and family members from 1939 to 1945, and then they were gassed. ” 500,000 Sinti and Roma died during the Nazi era.

The word Z describes a “criminal human being”, according to Jovanovi, a person seen as a projection surface, a tiered surface of majority white society. The video has now been viewed nearly 200,000 times, and quickly has been shared 2,500 times.

Jovanovi’s explanations are consistent with statements made by the German Central Council of Sinti and Roma. As for the word Z, he explains Their website Detailing why the classification was historically burdened.

anders from Janine brokerH Before the Kunze, more than two or three people debated in the Sinti and Roma Central Council out of boredom. The umbrella organization represents the interests of Sinti and Roma living in Germany at the national and international levels, including at conferences of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union and the Council of Europe. He has in the current discussion himself Not yet expressed.