April 13, 2024

Accident on the high seas - now the fisherman provides pictures of evidence

Accident on the high seas – now the fisherman provides pictures of evidence

After the startling collision with pilot Boris Hermann, the Spanish hunter wants to show that he was not mistaken for the cutter.

The scratches are clearly visible on Hermanus Busto.

Photo: Aitor Badiola

Spanish fisherman Joso Zaldombed, 55, who was struck by German sailor Boris Hermann on Wednesday, has also returned to Earth. Zaldimbide (Click here for an interview about the accidentThe 15-man crew of the Hermanus Busto returned safely to the fishing village of Ondárroa on Saturday morning. This was stated by the owner of the ship, Eitor Badiola. Herrmann’s high-tech yacht collided with “Hermanos Busto” 90 miles from the finish line of the famous “Vendée Globe” regatta on Wednesday. After 80 days sailing around the world, Hermann missed a chance to win the regatta. He had reached the final at Les Sables-d’Olonne in France on Thursday – fifth in the final ranking.

The owner of the ship Badiola Make photos available to “Süddeutsche Zeitung”To confirm that Hermanos Busto’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) was operational at the time of the collision with the Herrmann Seaexplorer. The image shows the first – and apparently the most recent – of ten recoverable pages with archive data for AIS. Accordingly, Hermanos Busto’s AIS was put into operation for the last time on January 5, 2021 – and has yet to be discontinued.

Das AIS Monastery of Hermanus Busto.

Das AIS Monastery of Hermanus Busto.

Photo: Aitor Badiola

Another photo shows ships currently registered by AIS for “Hermanos Busto” and shown by Calling Tracer.

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There was a controversy over the Spanish Hunter’s AIS after the accident. Hermann had initially indicated that the Spanish hunter had turned off AIS. He himself went to sleep. He had previously triggered all alarms on his yacht. The Spanish hunter had defended himself against suspicion of shutting down Air Force Intelligence. Captain Zaldombide said, “He shouldn’t say that, damn it.”

After Hermann had doubts on Friday morning whether the Hunter’s AIS was operational, the raft was put into operation in the afternoon. “There are no accusations on my part,” Hermann said after a phone call with Badiola. “In a hurry, I realized this as the simplest and most straightforward explanation, because I’ve already seen one or another fishing boat that doesn’t have AIS.” The causes of the collision remained a mystery to him.

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