April 25, 2024

Dead Space: Return rumors keep accelerating

Dead Space: Return rumors keep accelerating

During June, there was already increasing talk of a possible return to the horror brand Dead Space. This speculation has now been fueled by a rather simple process.

A few weeks ago it was often said on the network that Electronic Arts wanted to revive the Dead Space series; So a new part has to be created in EA Motive and an EA Play Live event is expected to be announced on July 22nd.

So far, the speculations are based mainly on the statements of insiders (in the past very reliable), who logically did not mention their sources. So absolute clarity should only prevail once the EA event has occurred, but the publisher may now have released a small hint that something is up to the rumour.

The notice has its origins in the social media area, because the franchise’s YouTube channel has now changed its logo without further ado. This might not be anything special, if it wasn’t really without a thing years ago. After years of inactivity, a logo from Dead Space 3 was put there to the end – and this came from the beginning of marketing for the last part of the series that was published in 2013.

So why is EA changing the logo now years after all the times in the lead up to EA Play Live from Dead Space 3 to a generic logo for the horror series? If the publisher doesn’t necessarily want to trol us all due to constant speculation on the net, there may be something in fact to this rumor.

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By the way, there are no new videos or more information on the YouTube channel. We will of course keep you updated and let you know if there is an announcement on July 22nd (or even earlier).

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