Dating: Finances Instead of Character

To find out how dating priorities have changed over time, researchers from the Universities of York and Essex in England analyzed a million personal ads from 1950 to 1995 from major news agencies in Canada, France and India, as well as from regional newspapers in Canada. USA since 1995.

The research team analyzed the text of the ads and divided the search options into four different categories: a potential partner’s financial situation, personality traits such as character and openness, ideals based on body type, and hobbies and preferences. habits. This allowed the team to identify broad trends in how search preferences have changed over the decades.

Differences between India and North America

Conclusion: In the United States, France, and Canada, economic factors in finding a partner became less important over time, especially after the 1960s. However, in India, they were important topics in personal advertisements and increased in importance after the 1970s.

Overall, economic factors play a greater role in advertisements published by women than in advertisements published by men. In 1995 advertisements from Canada and the United States, 40 to 45 percent of the words women used to describe their ideal partner were character-related, and 10 percent were words related to finances. In the same year, men associated 35 to 40 percent of words with role and 5 percent with economic factors.

Researchers have found that the proportion of finance-related words in Indian advertisements remained constant at around 35 percent until the 1970s. After the 1970s, it began to rise, and by 1995 it had increased to about 60 percent.

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Dating follows Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

“The data we found supports Maslow’s theory Hierarchy of needs‘” said the study author Khushbu SuranaIn a broadcast from York University: Material needs must be met before one can focus on immaterial needs such as character.

The study author adds that the study shows that personality has become more important in Western countries such as the United States over the decades. Quentin Lipman from the University of Essex. This trend is not seen in India. As the local economy develops further and the current generation becomes more financially secure, the priorities of looking for a partner may also change.

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