US and Canada plan cross-border loading corridor

The US and Canada want to open a cross-border charging corridor for electric vehicles. The aim is to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in both countries and drive greater distances with electric vehicles.

The roughly 1,400 kilometers from Kalamazoo in the US state of Michigan to Quebec City – about 80 kilometers – should have enough charging options. At least one fast charger is planned per location.

“The United States and Canada have long had a productive partnership in transportation, and in that spirit we are proud to announce the first US-Canada EV corridor,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “Thanks to investments in charging infrastructure made by the U.S. and Canadian governments, we’re creating a new generation of high-paying manufacturing jobs.”

On the US side, the loading corridor runs through Interstate 94 and into Canada through a tunnel near Detroit. The corridor also passes through the metropolitan areas of Toronto and Montreal en route to Quebec City.

“This first cross-border alternative fuel route will allow motorists to cross the border and refuel or recharge worry-free. This is another step towards cleaner air and helps people save money on conventional fuel,” said Omar Alcabra, Canada’s Minister of Transport.

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A total of 215 charging stations are planned in the Canadian region alone: ​​61 between Detroit and Toronto and 154 between Toronto and Quebec City. All are within six miles (9.7 kilometers) of CCS charging facilities and a corresponding federal highway.

It’s unclear how many charging stations will be installed between Kalamazoo and Detroit. Both cities are about 225 kilometers apart. Taking the 50 miles between charging parks as a measure, there should be two along I-94 — and in cities, of course, but the charging infrastructure is already in place.,

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