May 22, 2024

Daily Topic Spokesperson Ingo Zamperoni: That's why he once again allowed private family insights - entertainment

Daily Topic Spokesperson Ingo Zamperoni: That’s why he once again allowed private family insights – entertainment

Ingo Zamberoni has a lot in common with the United States. Photo: © WDR / Dirk Borm

From his family, Ingo Zambrone sees how hard the political fronts are in the United States. This is shown with Special Impressions in a new documentary.

It’s been nearly two years since Tagstein spokesperson Ingo Zamperoni, 48, gave impressions of the hot mood in the United States with his documentary “Trump, My American Family, and Me.” In addition, he also showed how the increasing polarization in the United States affects him and his loved ones – his father-in-law Paul is not only a Republican, but also a supporter of Trump. Marking the upcoming US midterm elections, Zamperoni now adds “Biden, Trump, my American family and me” (ARD Media Library) — and for good reason, he says “picture” had betrayed.

He’s now “as often asked about my father-in-law in the United States on the Open Street. He’s a Republican. This is also the reason we decided to give a special insight into the family and the second part of the American documentary he does when he comes over the country split.” This inner turmoil is reflected in her family: Zambroni’s wife, Jeffrey, cannot understand that her father has sided with former President Donald Trump (76).

Restorative qualities in demand

Zambroni has a special place here: his non-American position allows him to mediate between increasingly hardened fronts. “I’m someone who can listen to a lot of things from the side and then try to get a diplomatic foot in the door at the right moment.”

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Away from family, Ingo Zamperoni has close ties to the USA. He worked at ARD as a reporter for the foreign studio in Washington until 2016.