July 12, 2024

American Airlines flies back to Zurich from Philadelphia

American Airlines flies back to Zurich from Philadelphia

American Airlines will resume flights between Philadelphia and Zurich airport later this year.

USA lifts travel ban on vaccinated travelers from Europe. This is why European airlines such as Swiss and Austrian Airlines or Lufthansa are increasing the range of US flights. At the same time, US airlines are also reacting to the imminent opening of borders and adjusting the flight width. American Airlines is flying to Zurich again this year, like travelnews.ch mentioned.

American Airlines flies to Zurich again

From December 17, American Airlines will fly to Zurich Airport again. The American airline is resuming its route between Philadelphia and Zurich as part of the lifting of the announced travel ban. The first step back in the times when there were several daily flights between Switzerland and the USA was the daily routine. At the moment, the American airline wants to offer one flight per day on this route, which will use the Boeing 787-8. The Dreamliner features a standard three-class configuration consisting of Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. A total of 234 passengers can be accommodated on the Dreamliner. Business class is arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, while premium economy is arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration. Economy Class has nine seats per row, and is designed in a 3-3-3 configuration.

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Trips of more than nine hours are included in the company’s flight schedule as follows:

  • AA92 | Philadelphia – Zurich | Departure: 6:50 PM Arrival: 8:50 AM the next day
  • AA93 | Zurich – Philadelphia | Departure: 11:45 AM Arrival: 2:50 PM
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Swiss previously announced that it would like to travel to a number of destinations in the US again as part of its winter tour schedule. For example, the Swiss resume the route between Geneva and New York. In addition, United is again operating on the route between New York New York and Geneva.

Conclusion on the return of American Airlines to Zurich airport

American Airlines will resume flights between Philadelphia and Zurich on December 17. Good news for Zurich Airport – but at the same time another step in the right direction! It is hoped that the US airline offer will continue to grow in the coming weeks.

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