UEFA’s response to A22 Sports’ latest statement | UEFA

A22 Sports Management issued a statement about this meeting. UEFA is currently checking the recordings to see if the company is referring to the same meeting.

With regard to European football’s governing body, the statement refers to “a wide range of other executives”. These are not faceless bureaucrats, but key players in European football, including representatives of players’ associations, fans, clubs and leagues. Football is the core of these people’s lives, and is not given due consideration.

All European football will resist A22 Sports’ greed scheme, which UEFA outlined in its media statement and is the most significant result of the day. European football has always shown that it is open to change, but such a change should benefit all football, not just a few clubs.

A22 Sports requested a dialogue, which is why UEFA and all stakeholders have given 2.5 hours. All those involved strongly reject the company’s actions. The Football Supporters’ Association, the organization of Anglo Welsh supporters, put it succinctly: The UK has had as many prime ministers in the past two months as there are supporters of the European Premier League.

The company claims it does not represent the remaining three clubs while refusing to further define its new approach. She claims to seek dialogue but has nothing to say today.

However, a real dialogue will begin tomorrow when the Agreement on the Future of European Football meets in Nyon. National federations, clubs, leagues, coaching union members, players, fans, player agents and officials will gather to discuss the real challenges of football, leaving no time for bankers or marketers’ plans that threaten the future of the world. The most popular sport.

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