Cyclist (77) kicked off the sidewalk into the street – dead

Oriole Gray, 49, was walking on the sidewalk when 77-year-old Celia Ward passed her on her bike. In its report, the Petersboro court found that Gray had angrily pushed the elderly woman. According to the court, the pedestrian told the cyclist to “get off the damn sidewalk.”

Within seconds, Ward, a retired midwife, was out on the street. Surveillance footage showed Gray, who has cerebral palsy, raising her hand, causing Ward to lose his balance.

With disastrous consequences: when she falls, Ward is caught in the tracks of a car that can no longer stop. For them, any help comes too late: when they arrive at the scene, only rescue workers can determine she is dead.

When rescuers rushed to the scene, Gray fled on foot to nearby Sainsbury’s to buy groceries.

During questioning, Gray told officers she was visually impaired and was “terrified” of bicycle on the sidewalk. She added that she “unintentionally” raised her hand.

Today, Thursday, the court sentenced Gray to three years in prison. Her lawyer announced that she would appeal because “there was no intent to do harm,” according to the Daily Mail. The parole officer also confirmed that Gray would be in danger if he was put in jail.

Chief Investigator Mark Dollard said: “This has been a difficult and tragic case. Oriole Gray’s reaction to Celia being on a bike was completely disproportionate.”

He hopes the ruling will be “a clear reminder to all road users to be careful and considerate.”

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