May 18, 2024

Moscow: Putin is said to be staying at this luxury estate


It is said that Putin lives in this luxurious villa with his girlfriend and children

A mansion with its own boat dock, railway and spa complex. Russian investigative journalists’ reports revealed where Putin is staying with his girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva.


A villa like a medieval palace: Putin is said to live in this house with his girlfriend, gymnast Alina Kabaeva, and their four children.

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  • Russian investigative journalists have released Putin’s whereabouts.

  • It is said that the head of the Kremlin lives with his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva and their four children in remote Waladi, about 400 kilometers from Moscow.

  • The luxurious accommodation resembles a medieval villa and is equipped with a helipad and boat landing pad.

Medieval villa with its own spa complex, helipad and dock for boats: In this Luxury real estate in ValdaiAbout 400 kilometers from Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his girlfriend Alina Kabaeva are said to be with them Four children live together. This was reported by “Proekt,” a group of Russian investigative journalists.

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With this property, Putin wanted to imitate the Winter Palace in Moscow, better known as the Golden House. After separating from his ex-wife Lyudmila Osheretnaga, he is said to have rebuilt the remote villa in a forest for Kabaeva and the children.

A secret railway leads to the estate

During their research, Russian journalists discovered more details about the alleged lovers: The two are said to conduct their relationship as if they were living in the Middle Ages. Kabaeva has her own “escorts” who take care of her appearance and desires around the clock. The four children they had together are said to reside in Valdai all the time.

According to «Proekt», the area around Valdai’s dwelling should be part of a national park and therefore a protected area. But that didn’t stop Putin from building the villa in 2018. A secret railway was built to the property for the Kremlin and its cronies.

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