May 18, 2024

Russia: TV propaganda threatens to invade Switzerland


Putin’s propaganda threatens to invade Switzerland

Vladimir Solovyov has repeatedly made a name for himself on Russian state television with extreme demands. Now he suggests that, as in 1799, the Russian army can cross the Alps again and conquer the western lands.


Vladimir Solovyov once again caused a stir with radical statements on Russian state television.


Vladimir Solovyov once again put forward bold plans to “make the bastards tremble” on his program on Russia’s radio station 1. In addition to Ukraine, which has been defending itself against Russian invaders for more than a year, the derogatory term probably also refers to most Western countries collectively.

“Russian saddlers go up slow, but they ride fast.”

Sologov proposes that the Russian army cross the Alps again in view of the “great risks”. «Let’s go visit the Suvorov Monument And let’s see if the people of Milan still remember how they kissed the hands of Russian soldiers. If you want to be insolent, then you should know: the Russians saddle slowly, but ride fast, ”Soloviev mumbles in his monologue.

In doing so, the TV presenter references events that occurred over 200 years ago in his subliminal arguments for the conquest of Europe. Because the Suworow Monument, which was carved in stone in 1898 in the Sholinen Gorge and shows a cross, reminds us Participants in the battle of 1799When Russian forces led by General Alexander Suvorov fought against Napoleon’s soldiers led by Claude-Jacques Lecourbe – but how did the battle on Swiss soil between the French and the Russians unfold?

Napoleon’s meteoric rise in the army

After the French Revolution in 1789, young Napoleon Bonaparte rose rapidly through the ranks of the French Army, being promoted to brigadier general at just 24 years old. The suppression of the right-wing uprising against those in power in Paris finally gave Bonaparte the title of commander-in-chief of the army at home.

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In the years that followed, France under Napoleon Bonaparte succeeded in conquering more and more lands in Europe, such as Italy, Belgium and also parts of what was then Prussia. In 1792, Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria established the so-called “First Coalition”, which was intended to push back Napoleon and curb his power. The alliance between the states collapsed in 1796.

Two years later and one year before the Battle of Schulenen Gorge, Switzerland was then occupied by Napoleon Bonaparte’s forces, and the previously largely independent cities united to form the Helvetic Republic. At the same time, a second coalition, consisting of Britain, Austria, the Ottoman Empire, Portugal, and several German royal houses, joined again to contain the power of France and Napoleon.

The battle ended with the defeat of the Russians

On September 24, 1799, the Russian army, coming from Ticino, reached the Gotthard Pass, where they successfully drove back the French troops. A day later General Suworow forced the passage of Teufelsbrücke and Urnerloch with heavy losses. In the Shulinin Gorge alone, 700 soldiers died like them NZ He writes that the bridge was so badly damaged that it had been impassable for years and had to be replaced by a new building.

The round of force at the Schöllenen Gorge was intended to enable the Russian forces to stab the French in the rear near Zurich. After it became known that the French had already won the battle, the Russians began an arduous retreat across the Alps. The Second Coalition also failed in 1802 and imploded – the first internal power struggles and a spectacularly failed Russian campaign finally spelled the end for Napoleon, who died in exile on the island of St. Helena on May 5, 1821.

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Only once did Solovyov get out of line

Tough demands from Solovyov’s lips are nothing new. As suggested in the past London attacked with nuclear weapons One of his sons works there as a model. To drive the crowd, the medium argued so Life anyway is “excessively exaggerated” Become. Only once did he criticize the Kremlin report: When Major Moskva was sunk in April 2022, he asked in his program how the Russian military leadership could explain this loss.

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