April 22, 2024

Refugee Resettlement: Apologies to the Tenants

In Lörrach (D), Baden-Württemberg, about 40 people have to leave their homes to make way for refugees. It caused a stir. Now the Municipal Housing Association is raising its voice.

In a letter, it was stated that the media’s response to the previous call for the residents’ meeting had led to a “state of emergency”. “We deeply regret this development and apologize to you for the uncertainty that has arisen!” The “Badish Zeitung” (Wednesday) was reported earlier.

Mayor Jörg Lutz (Independent) defended the decision to move the tenants against public criticism a week ago. The pressure on the municipalities is great: last year alone, Lorach received 638 refugees.

About 40 residents are set to move out of an apartment complex to make room for refugees. The municipal housing company will provide tenants with more modern and affordable housing options. It is about 30 apartments, they are mostly single person families.

In the new letter, the company confirmed that an affordable apartment offer should take place in the next few months. Wohnbau Lörrach wrote that one does not wish to take legal action over flats on Wölblinstrasse.

A similar case at Windisch AG also caused a stir in Switzerland. There, too, the canton has now admitted faults and promised the tenants a better solution.

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