Dogs instead of children – Pope criticizes couples who do not want to have children – News


The Pope cares about offspring in the world: “Dogs and cats replace children.”

Pope Francis has criticized couples who do not want to have children. This 85-year-old said to a general audience in the Vatican Hall in front of many faithful.

“Dogs and cats replace children. “Yes, I understand this makes you laugh, but that is the reality,” said the head of the Catholic Church. On Boxing Day, he had already spoken of a “demographic winter” when the Italian birthrate was published, which has fallen again.

Anyone who lives and marries in the world should remember to have children.

Francis warned that civilization is aging and lacking in humanity because one loses the wealth of parenting. A country without children suffers. The Pope stressed that “everyone who lives and marries in the world must remember to have children.” Having children naturally or through adoption is risky, but not having children is even more dangerous.

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