Joe Biden wants to run again in 2024

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It looks like Joe Biden wants to run again in 2024

US President Joe Biden plans to be re-elected next year: the 80-year-old said on a TV show. However, the official announcement is still pending.


Joe Biden wants to run again in 2024.


  • On the occasion of “Easter” in front of the White House, US President Joe Biden announced that he wants to run again in 2024.

  • However, he did not want to officially announce it.

  • The 80-year-old is already the oldest president in US history.

US President Joe Biden (80) plans to run again next year. However, he told NBC’s Today anchor Al Roker that he wasn’t ready to officially announce it yet. Biden had already mentioned in a private conversation at the White House last year that he wanted to run for re-election.

Democrats had already indicated in advance that they wanted to support Biden despite his temporarily weak ratings — and that was before the president talked about a possible second nomination.

The fact that Biden plans to run again was considered uncertain when he takes office in 2021 due to his advanced age. In the 2024 presidential election, the current President of the United States will be approximately 83 years old, 86 years at the end of the term. He is indeed the greatest president in the history of the United States. That is why Vice President Kamala Harris (58 years old) was considered a possible candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

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