December 4, 2023

CW orders two series –

The station wants to hit 2024 with “wild cards” and “sight unseen.” Both series are from Canada.

After a year of planning, the television channel The CW is back to order its own series of fiction. at “Wild Cards” It stars two former CW actors: Vanessa Morgan (“Riverdale”) and Giacomo Gianniotti (“Reign”). Ellis (Gianniotti) is a detective demoted to the Marine Corps, while Max (Morgan) is a flamboyant, brilliant con artist who lives a volatile life, scamming everyone he meets. When Max is arrested and Ellis helps solve a crime in the neighborhood, they both have a chance to find themselves back in the spotlight: Ellis becomes a detective again, and Max is released from prison if they learn to trust and work with each other. Together.

Michael Conives is the writer and producer of “Wild Cards” along with James Jenn, Shawn Piller, Lloyd Segan and writers Alexandra Jaroni, James Thorpe, Noel Carbone and Morvin Prepner and Charles Cooper and Virginia Rankin. Blink49 Studios and Front Street Pictures are producing “Wild Cards” for CBC in Canada, overseen by Carolyn Newman, executive vice president of Global Scripted Content at Blink49, and Alix Steerman, manager of scripted television.

Starring Dolly Lewis “Sight unseen” Des Avery, a brilliant homicide detective, is forced to quit her job after nearly killing her partner and being declared blind. Reluctant to accept help, Tess uses the Help app to connect with Sunny Patel (Agam Darshi, “TMZ”), a professional guide for the blind and agoraphobic who lives 3,000 miles away. Using a hidden camera and headphones, Sonny remotely guides Tess through life’s obstacles and the unsolved cases she leaves behind. Jarrod Joseph (“The 100”), Daniel Gillies (“The Vampire Diaries”), Alice Christina-Corrigan (“Doctors”) and Tony Giroux (“Homeland: Salem Castle”) also star. The series was inspired by the experience of one of the co-authors losing his eyesight. Blink49 Studios and Front Street Pictures are producing “Sight Unseen” in association with Sisters Trubetskoy Productions for Bell Media’s CTV in Canada.

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“‘Wild Cards’ and ‘Unseen’ are two unique series that reflect The CW’s commitment to compelling, high-quality stories that will appeal to our loyal fans and attract a wide range of new viewers,” commented Vice Liall. “We’re excited to work with our partners at Blink49 Studios, Front Street Pictures, Piller/Segan and Sisters Troubetzkoy Productions to bring these dynamic series to life and show just how far the CW brand can reach.”