December 10, 2023

Cut Canadian Poplar in "Torggel"

Cut Canadian Poplar in “Torggel”

Canada’s ‘Torggel’ poplar is in a desolate state and is cut down in the winter months for safety reasons.

The Canada Poplar in the parking lot of the high school in Palminweg is over 90 years old. Her condition has been a cause for concern for a long time. An investigation by an independent tree specialist revealed obvious rot in the trunk and root body, which severely affects the stability of the tree, especially when exposed to wind.

Furthermore, individual parts of the crown and branches are no longer supplied and are at risk of fracture. The life of the tree cannot be significantly extended with care measures, with severe shortening and relatively high expenditures.

After evaluation and recommendation by the Nature Committee, which also had to determine the desolate state of Canada poplar, the municipal council decided to do the cutting in the winter months for safety reasons. No alternative planting was planned in the same place, at least considering the rice stock next door in front of the triple gymnasium.

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