December 6, 2023

Crystal Lagoons is expanding into Australia with 16 PAL™ projects

Crystal Lagoons

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Crystal Lagoons he have Significant expansion in Australia complete. The multinational innovation company has an important contract with the investment fund Vibranium Capital Partners About the development of 16 new ones Public Access Lagoons™ projectsalso known as PAL™ Developments, took place in Australia. In addition, the agreement stipulates the possibility of this Ten other projects In other countries in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Australian cities are among the most important cities due to their geographical wealth and nature The most livable cities the world. Through this treaty, cities e.g Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast About big Crystal clear lakes Own it Suitable for swimming and water sports And from White sandy beaches Surrounded. These complexes constitute new beach centers that reflect the Australian lifestyle, which places a high value on water and recreational activities.

While these cities are located near the coast,… Crystal Lagoons projects Creating second, safer coastal zones. It will provide additional tourism infrastructure to natural beaches, allowing people to For safe swimming and water sportsFree from sea hazards in this area.

The partner in this contract is an Australian investment fund located in Oceania, North and South America and AsiaWith over 30 years of experience and an investment portfolio of $4 billion. the The company’s interest in the PAL™ model It is expanding its strategic partnerships and real estate development opportunities in key markets.

As with all of Crystal Lagoons’ public projects, there is one project at its heart The Crystal Lake can be accessed via an entrance ticket. the PAL™ complexes Also includes restaurants, residential buildings, hotels, retail, beach clubs, etc.

Australians love the water and outdoor life.. However, like many other destinations around the world, the coastal areas are highly developed and land is expensive. PAL™ developments provide a successful experience and Sustainable alternative To develop inland beaches and recreational infrastructure and enable a larger percentage of the population to access these recreational places Alistair SinclairRegional Director of Crystal Lagoon.

“We look forward to sharing our experiences within this partnership and its potential Crystal Lagoons® concepts and technologies Especially useful in Australia. A Vibranium Capital Partners spokesperson added: “We will now focus on building partnerships with strategic investors, developers and landowners in each of the regions to realize these projects.”

Information about Crystal Lagoons

Crystal Lagoons is a US based company Technology has been developed to create crystal lakes of unlimited size They can be built and maintained anywhere at a very low cost.

with More than 2,500 patents in 160 countries Sustainable utility consumption Up to 100 times less chemicals And Only 2% of energy This is what traditional swimming pools require. Bureau Veritas he have Efficient use of water technology It has been verified and found that a one-hectare lake uses 33 times less water than a golf course and 40% less water than a park of the same size. Crystal Lagoons® Facilities Seawater, fresh and salt water can be usedwhich has no other use.


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