CPAC Republican Conference – The hotel is distancing itself from the potential SS rune on the Trump Theater

After Donald Trump’s first public appearance as a former president, criticism of the run-up to the Republican convention began to mount.

Debut as Former President: Donald Trump talks about the period that has come under criticism at the Conservative Political Action Conference – a conference with conservative activists in the United States.

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After Donald Trump’s first public appearance since leaving the White House, the Auschwitz International Committee severely criticized the stage’s design at the CPAC conference in Orlando this weekend. According to observers, the theater group’s shape was similar to Ron Odal, also known as Othala rune, which was used by the SS and Hitler Youth, among others.

“For several years, Nazi groups in the United States have used the runes Odal in their dealings with the public to indicate their ideological entrenchment and deliver their message to the public,” said the vice-chairman of the Auschwitz International Committee. Christoph Huebner on Monday in Berlin with.

Netizens also indicated that the theater had an Odal Rune setting, which was used by the SS during the Nazi era and is still used by right-wing extremists today.

Now, Hayat Group, whose CPAC was implemented, has also taken a stand. They are concerned about the inclusion of potential hate symbols in the group. Symbols such as these are “disgusting” and go against the company’s values. Life Group Reports. The American Conservative Union, with which we are currently seeking talks, was responsible for designing the stage.

Organizer: “The Comparisons Are Outrageous”

Previously, CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp had vehemently dismissed criticism of stage design: Shalab wrote on Twitter over the weekend that the comparisons were “infamous and defamatory”. Shalab also noted the conference’s long-standing collaboration with Jewish communities.

Heubner said that using this symbol in such a prominent way when former President Trump first appeared to his fans could not be a coincidence. Auschwitz survivors only received a photo in January Trump supporters storm the Capitol He was extremely angry when he showed a striker wearing a T-shirt with the words “Auschwitz camp” written on it. (Also read: Trump supporters stormed the Capitol)

The CPAC Conference is an annual event organized by conservative activists in the United States. Trump was him in the event Its first appearance since leaving the White House. The 74-year-old also repeated the false claim that he won the November 3 election.

To cheers from conservative politicians and Biden Democrat activists, the former president said:Who knows, I might choose to hit it a third time.ยป

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