December 7, 2023

Cows rescued from floods in Canada with jet skis

Cows rescued from floods in Canada with jet skis

The Canadian province of British Columbia is currently affected by severe flooding. However, farmers managed to save their cows with the help of jet skis.

The basics in brief

  • Severe flooding threatened farms near Abbotsford in Canada.
  • But farmers managed to get their cows to safety – by boat and jet skis.
  • On these they drag the animals across the flood to the higher terrain.

Severe flooding and landslides are currently threatening western Canada. Several farms around the town of Abbotsford were severely damaged.

However, the farmers together managed to save many animals from the floods. They used jet skis and motor boats to bring cows and calves to the higher ground.

Farmers risked their lives for the cows

They ignored requests to evacuate and risked their lives for their animals. Journalist Jesse Winter shared on Twitter the amazing videos she gave to Reuters news agency.

These show how people drag cows through the water behind them on ropes. Although the situation clearly exhausted the animals, they survived the drowning.

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