July 14, 2024

Germany celebrates historic victory over Canada: ‘strange tournament’

Germany celebrates historic victory over Canada: ‘strange tournament’

Germany is best known for its Ice Hockey World Cup and celebrates a historic victory over Canada.


Three years after the match of the century in the Olympics, the German ice hockey team scored another historic victory over Canada in the World Cup in Riga. Goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger was the man of the match.

The players were very proud. With big smiles on their faces and full of enthusiasm, the cheerful German ice hockey cracks sang the national anthem after the historic World Cup victory against Canada. “We can really be incredibly proud of ourselves,” said Captain Moritz Muller after winning 3-1 (2-1, 0-0, 1-0) in Riga on White Monday, marking his first World Cup victory against Canada in. 25 years. The last time a German team defeated Home Ice Hockey in Vienna in 1996 (5: 1).

“We were really able to win against Canada which is extraordinary,” said prominent goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger, who was suffering from cramps during the match due to the constant shooting of the Canadian NHL players. Mueller said of German champion goalkeeper Ispren Berlin, who saved 39 shots and was just helpless in front of Ottawa Senators Paul Nick, “Matthias took the punches” in 1: 2 (the 19th minute). “You need goalkeepers like him to win matches,” Mueller said, “Thank God we got it today.”

Mannheim player Stefan Lobel (11th minute), Matthias Plachta (12), as well as Mannheim Corbinian Holzer (58) shot the German team against an empty Canadian net to claim another prestigious win against Canada. Three good years ago, Germany defeated the 26-time world champion 4-3 en route to the silver medal in the Olympic semifinals in PyeongChang. At the time, both teams suffered from the inability to use any of the NHL players.

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A successful defensive battle in Germany

So far, the top stars have also missed the World Cup. Unlike 2018, the Canadian team consisted almost exclusively of NHL players who did not participate in the playoffs. “We’ve seen a very strong Canadian team,” Mueller said. In fact, the Canadians who lost their first two games and now have their backs against the wall were very angry. Between the 2-0 and the 3-1 final, the German team had to survive a real defensive battle, which they mastered brilliantly.

“I might not have seen a game like this where a team blocked a lot of shots. “It all worked out so well – it was just unbelievable to look at,” said national coach Tony Söderholm, who was on track to top the strongest World Cup on his debut as a national coach in Slovakia in 2019. In that time, Germany started with four wins and was the best preliminary round of the World Championship ever. The German national team is currently racking up three wins after three matches, looking forward to the quarter-finals in strength and secretly looking for more.

Niederberger said, “It is a strange tournament” in light of the many defeats suffered by the major countries so far. “I think anything is definitely possible. We are doing our best. ”The next competitor in the preliminary round is Kazakhstan on Wednesday (3:15 pm Live with us).