May 23, 2024

Confusion in Austria: Doctors amputated the leg of patients

Confusion in Austria: Doctors amputated the leg of patients

Confusion in Austria: Doctors amputated the leg of patients

An 82-year-old patient in a clinic Austria The wrong leg was amputated. The Freistadt Clinic announced Thursday that it was already supposed to have removed the left leg of the leg.

Shortly before the operation on Tuesday, the wrong party was identified. It is “tragic medical misconduct.” Confusion was detected when the dressing was changed.

Tragic medical malpractice. Photo: Shutterstock

The patient’s second leg must now also be removed. The Austrian Superior Health Company announced a comprehensive clarification. The Prosecutor’s Office is running.

According to the Health Holding Company, the patient suffers from many diseases. Both legs were affected, one of them was so bad that a thigh had to be amputated. “Unfortunately, the error occurred due to a series of unfortunate circumstances,” a press release said.

Psychological assistance was provided to the patient and his relatives. “We assure you that we will do our best to clarify the issue and review and question all internal processes,” she said. (sda / dpa)

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