June 14, 2024

Lego wants to celebrate sexual diversity with these new characters

Lego wants to celebrate sexual diversity with these new characters

Lego wants to celebrate sexual diversity with these new characters

Lego celebrates the diversity of sexual orientation with a new set of characters. The set presented by the Danish company on Thursday is called “Everyone’s Wonderful” and it consists of eleven monochrome characters with different hairstyles.

The collection as a whole is designed in rainbow colors – the symbolic colors of the movement for the rights of sexual minorities.

The Lego set consists of 346 individual pieces. Photo: pd

Lego designer Matthew Ashton explained that he wanted to create a collection that “symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone – regardless of how they define themselves and their loved ones”. He highlighted it children “More tolerant” when it comes to differences between people: “And I think that’s one of the things we can all learn from children.”

Ashton describes himself as a member of the LGBTQI community. The acronym refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, bisexual and gay men. Lego plans to sell the new collection of 346 individual parts as of June 1.

June is “Pride Month” for sexual minorities, as they celebrate their identity around the world and demonstrate for their rights. (sda / afp)

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