An activist buys imported fruit and drives diesel

Green tea, orange, grape and lemon. Actually normal buy. But what was brought to the payment room in Gloucestershire, UK, is causing quite a stir.

The problem: tea and fruit are imported, packaged in plastic, and stuffed into a diesel car after purchase. And the buyer? None other than Jill Bradbrook, co-founder of Climate Rebellion!

“She’s done everything Extinction Rebellion tells us not to do,” says the man who saw her shopping. Buying fruit that is flown halfway around the world in non-recyclable packaging. Then drive home with a diesel engine. What a great hypocrite he is, he told The Sun.

The eyewitness documented the 50-year-old’s shopping, who publicly campaigns against climate change, with photos. She shows us a climate activist with stacks of plastic packaging at the checkout of the local supermarket.

According to British media, the fruit she bought comes from Chile, Vietnam, Spain, Cyprus and Italy. In total, their food has covered more than 28,000 km. After all: Bradbrook’s purchase is vegan.

But plastics and imports aren’t all their critics are displeased with. The last eyewitness photo is the icing on the cake: it shows the activist’s chief riding a diesel car.

“At least the goons plastered on the road didn’t stop her on her way home,” says an eyewitness.

Meanwhile, activists from the Bradbrooks organization have already started a large anti-climate change protest in London. Starting this Friday, Extinction Rebellion will appear with other climate organizations at the London Marathon. The number of activists is expected to reach 50,000.

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