February 22, 2024

Companies are talking about climate protection and encouraging the use of heating oil

Daniela Gschwing / There should not be any development of new oil and gas reservoirs. However, it was planned and approved.

The Earth faces major challenges when it comes to climate change. Despite all agreements and promises, we are increasingly using fossil fuels. All major oil companies plan to develop new oil and gas reserves over the next few decades, despite their promise of “net zero.”

The BBC reported this in a documentary that shows, among other things, how glaciers in Alaska are melting and oil is being extracted at the same time. The program appeared on schedule shortly before the start of the COP28 global climate conference, this time being held in the United Arab Emirates. The host country is a country that exports oil and gas unparalleled and has become rich in it.

How multinational oil companies are ignoring climate goals

The world can achieve the 1.5 degree target only if it is satisfied with the fossil energy reserves that exist so far and does not plan any new drilling, explains Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency.

The BBC documentary says the numbers tell a different story. Almost all of the world’s major oil and gas companies plan to develop new reserves as fossil fuel consumption continues to rise.

Niels Bartsch, project leader Google (Global Oil and Gas Exit List) of the Association Jungle forest He has the numbers. Google has compiled the extent to which excess production of the largest multinational oil companies exceeds the 1.5 degree target. BBC correspondent Richard Bilton asks, puzzled: “Are you still looking for oil and gas?” “Yes, all of them,” Bartsch confirms.

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Of the 700 companies examined, 675 plan to develop new oil and gas fields. These are the biggest:

Example reading: Petrobras plans the largest oil and gas production volume exceeding the 1.5 degree target. PetroChina spends the most money on this.

It is not only oil companies that are responsible for this development, but also governments. New developments must be approved by the countries on whose territory they take place. From the governments of the United States of America or Great Britain, for example. high “discoverer” A quarter of all new projects in the UK are located in marine protected areas.

The UAE, in turn, wants to hold a climate conference Prepare to use new oil dealsBBC revealed.

To make matters worse, Sarah Finch of Surrey, England, can’t believe that another well will be built on the nearby hill after the 40-degree summer heat. BBC Bilton interviewed climate scientist Brian Hoskin and Indian atmospheric scientist Uma Bhatt. Both assume that the one and a half grade target cannot be achieved.

According to BBC/gogel, the excess production currently planned by the world’s largest oil companies is in numbers that none of the companies deny:

  • Saudi Arabian Oil Company: 1.5 billion barrels
  • National Iranian Oil Company: more than 3 billion barrels
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company: 7 billion barrels
  • ConocoPhillips: 1.6 billion barrels
  • Chevron: 2.8 billion barrels
  • Gazprom: 3.7 billion barrels
  • PetroChina and ExxonMobil: 3 billion barrels

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