October 3, 2023

Cochem High School students immerse themselves in the world of science

Four semesters of the Realschule Plus from Cochem had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Experimenta ship moored in Ellenz-Poltersdorf. Over the course of two days, schoolchildren were able to experience science and technology up close and personal in a playful way.

Students are invited to test their skills and knowledge at several stations. The focus was on the playful exploration of problem solutions, such as the optimal alignment of a photovoltaic roof with the sun or the skilful grouping of a marble roof to reach as many corner points as possible.

A special experiment was a thermal imaging camera that depicts different body temperatures. With the help of the scales, the students were able to balance their body’s energy expenditure after sporting activities, such as riding a bike for an hour, with eating different foods, such as fruit or sweets.

Students received an impressive dome projection presentation, which clearly demonstrated the formation of the universe and the various elements of the periodic table.

The last thematic focus of the visit was the laboratory. There, the young researchers were able to use red cabbage juice to identify different acids and bases and examine them themselves by color changes.

For the students at both the Orienteering level and the eighth grade, the morning on board was filled with exciting insights and captivating impressions.