October 1, 2023

Climate activists dip in ink

Climate activists dip in ink

Insulate Britain activists are concerned about climate change. But not every Englishman likes protests.

The basics in brief

  • Insulate Britain organizes various protests in England.
  • With this, the group wants to draw attention to progress on climate change.
  • It is known that they curb traffic with sit-ins. Not everyone likes this.

angry british isolate with their protest actions the minds of many English road users. Climate activists pay attention to it again and again stay On the streets of England. Because they organize sit-ins to draw attention to climate change.

Blockage due to climate change

In London, activists closed the street again. But many Englishmen lost their temper in the process. mostly verbs It was resolved by the policeAccompanied by a deafening trumpet concert.

However, it is now too colorful for a motorist. Some protestors signed!

One of the victims is 77 years old retired“It wasn’t painful, it was just annoying and sad,” he tells Greatest Hits Radio London News.

The former plays with it A doctor On climate policy in English Government in a. Activists insist on quick and effective measures in the fight against Climate change.

Not the first attack on protesters

This is not the first time that an action by Insulate Britain has been reported across national borders. Previously, a ruthless SUV driver nearly ran over some protesters. She drove towards the activists until they were almost under the car. Fortunately, no one was injured in the process.

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