June 21, 2024

"It has no ambiance and grace": Cliff Richard in Nuremberg Bratwurst Restaurant "Bratwurst Röslein" - Nuremberg, Sebald

Cliff Richard at the Bratwurst Röslein restaurant in Nuremberg – Nuremberg, Sebald

Imagine that you are going to eat a sausage and suddenly Cliff Richard is sitting in front of you. Sir Cliff Richard! The international star was a guest at the Nuremberg restaurant “Bratwurst Röslein”.

A real-world star visited the traditional “Bratwurst Röslein” in downtown Nuremberg on Monday: only Sir Cliff Richard had lunch here. “He came from a river cruise that stopped here and took the opportunity to visit his friends in Nuremberg,” says Michael Forster, host of Roslyn.

“Without ambiance and grace”

The singer, who was world famous with “We Don’t Talk Anymore” at the end of the 1970s, had a hearty lunch with six people in a separate room in the restaurant. The 81-year-old star, who is as skinny as ever, ate half a duck. “He was in good shape, standing straight, not bent over or anything else,” Forster says.

Be surprised by the gentle nature of the singer. He rarely met a beloved and beloved artist. “A world star who doesn’t have any ambiance and grace,” says the dazzling host. He even talked to Richard for a while longer. The singer visited Nuremberg several times to attend concerts, but also to visit his friends. “He really likes Nuremberg, and he didn’t just say that, you could tell,” Forster says.

For the owner of the hotel, a childhood dream came true. “I’ve always wanted to meet a real knight,” he says with a laugh. The British singer was knighted as the first pop star by Queen Elizabeth II in 1995 and has been allowed to call herself Sir Cliff Richard since then. The singer has recorded more than 60 albums and sold more than 250 million records. This makes him one of the most successful musicians in the UK.

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Next stop

The international star stayed in the restaurant for about two and a half hours – and was not discovered at will. He gave generous advice and then went back to the cruise ship. Next is the singer in the US, to Los Angeles for the gig.