China accuses the United States of abusing democracy for undemocratic purposes

Deputy Head of the Press and Public Relations Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Director of the State Council Information Office, Xu Lin, accused the United States of abusing democracy for undemocratic purposes.

The United States, which calls itself the “leader of democracy,” organized and manipulated the so-called “Democracy Summit.” Under the guise of democracy, Xu said at a press conference in Beijing on Saturday that the United States is about suppressing and containing countries with different social systems and development models.

Shaw said that such undemocratic behavior under the guise of democracy was a joke in the history of democratic development and would not find popular support.

At the same press conference, Xu Yucheng, deputy head of the United Front Department of the CPC Central Committee, stressed that China’s system of ethnic regional autonomy not only ensures national unity, ethnic solidarity and social stability, but also promotes the development of ethnic minorities. Long-term stability of the country. Tian Peiyan, deputy head of the Political Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, noted at the press conference that Chinese democracy led by the CPC is characterized by people’s democracy in a whole process. Ensures that officials at all levels are under the supervision of the party and the people.

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