Today: Over 200 migrants freed from trucks in Mexico

Over 200 migrants freed from trucks in Mexico

Between October 2020 and September 2021, US authorities recorded 1.7 million immigrants from Mexico – a new high for that period. And it would be much more if not many people had failed the often dangerous path from Central America to the United States.

Security forces have now rescued 210 migrants from a truck in southeastern Mexico. People of different nationalities were crammed together in the truck trailerWhen members of the National Guard and immigration officials found her near a checkpoint in the town of Esperanza, Puebla state. This was stated by the immigration authorities (INM).

Accordingly, the truck was tracked and stopped after not stopping at the barrier. The security forces heard distress calls and knocked on the trailer door and opened it. They found adults and children among scaffolding, roofing, and metal equipment. The driver of the truck and the vehicle was handed over to the prosecutor. Just two weeks ago, 600 migrants were rescued from two trucks in Mexico.

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