December 4, 2023

Chaos Storm is the downfall of Sonya Krauss

Frankfurt am Main / Nevada – Festival frustration Sonia Kraus (50)! She has been a loyal Burning Man guest for years. But unexpected amounts of rain virtually ruined the desert event and proved to be the presenter’s undoing.

Severe storms and especially rain caused problems for about 70,000 people at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. © Uncredited/©2023 Maxar Technologies/AP/dpa

Shortly after the start of the festival in the Black Rock Desert in the state of Nevada (USA), which has been held since 1986 and has now become an absolute attraction for participants, Sonia was beaming with joy with her loyal companions – artist Landon Ross (40) and Hollywood star Julian Morris ( 40) showed off their mobile accommodations on Instagram.

But after just a few days, the euphoria subsided a little. Heavy rains not seen in this region of the United States in decades completely submerged the makeshift city on a dried-up salt lake.

As a result, approximately 75,000 visitors were stranded and were only allowed to leave the site at their own risk. Among those who managed to escape to land at the last minute were American DJ Diplo (44, real name Wesley Bentz) and actor Chris Rock (58).

Sonya Kraus has offspring?!  This picture raises some questions.
Sonia Kraus
Sonya Kraus has offspring?! This picture raises some questions.

Like Sonya Bild newspaper She was betrayed, but she wasn’t one of those who could still scan the Burning Man site. This means: The former presenter of the “Hadith Kalam Kalam” program is stuck in the muddy desert for an indefinite period of time.

The famous blonde didn’t let this detract from her positive attitude towards life, which only increased after her successful battle against cancer.

She described wading through the muddy landscape as “as if you were wading through freshly mixed cement. Everything sticks.” However, Sonia will search in vain for any impatience or discomfort while waiting for the so-called “free burner bus” bound for civilization.

She feels very happy that nothing serious happened to her and her companions. The 50-year-old certainly won’t miss next year’s Burning Man.

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