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Central Switzerland Wrestling and Alpine Festival – live broadcast tape

Central Switzerland Wrestling and Alpine Festival – live broadcast tape

Three central Swiss players started with two wins – Joel Wiki has to come off injury

The Central Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Eibach promises a lot of excitement. We will keep you updated in our tape.

All about the Swiss Central Wrestling Festival

Live broadcast from the TV place

Live broadcast of places 2-6

Conclusion after second gear: Three Swiss midfields start with two wins

After Joel Wiki’s injury-related resignation, the road will be free for Samuel Geiger. It looks as if Thurgau can now increase the speed. In second gear, bring Remo Vogel to the ground and patiently fight his way to victory. Giger should already be assigned to the next strong opponent in third gear, possibly a Confederacy.

Four Swiss won twice in the seesaw. One of them is Christian Schuler, who was the latest ISAF co-winner 2018. Schweizer won a sovereign victory over Marco Heiniger.

In addition to Schuler, René Sobiger, Alex Schuler, and guest Kilian von Weissenfluh have two wins on the sheet music. Sobiger defeats Alex Hopper in second gear, Schuller’s owner Martin Eitlin, and von Weissenfluhh defeat Marco Lucy.

Sven Schurtenberger managed to respond to defeat at the start. Lucerne defeated Andreas Udermatt. Marcel Pierre (vs Mike Molesten (vs Ronnie Schuffer), Andy Imhoff (vs Peter Gerber), Reto Knutsli (vs Lucas Oetiger), Benji von Ah (vs Roland Bucher) or Roger Richen (vs Michael Muller) also scored the first wins.

second order gang




1 a 20 Christoph Wasser, Beckenried
1 b 20 Bruno Sutter, Rickenbach SZ
1 c 20 Renee Sobiger, Lutheran
1 d 20 Christian Schuler, Rothenthrum
1 H 20 Noah Schaller, Lucerne
1f 20 Urs Dobmann, Romos
2a 19,75 Kilian von Weisenfuh, Hasliberg
2b 19,75 Gregor Ulrich, Shinkun
2c 19,75 Philip Schuller, Rothenthurm
2 d 19,75 Matthias Gund, Oberkirch
2e 19,75 Thomas Horschler, Gravinort
2f 19,75 Adrian Egli, Steinhauserberg
2 grams 19,75 Renato Parmitler, Inetmos

Full ranking list after second gear

Stats after 2nd gear

Conclusion after first gear: Wiki injury – Schurtenberger dive

Joel Wiki vs. Samuel Geiger: The Swiss Central Wrestling Festival starts with a bang. 24-year-old Wicki and 23-year-old Geiger are both looking their best this young season, and both have already shone with celebrations. The duel will soon stop on Sunday morning in Eibach. Wicki injures his arm and has to be taken care of in a tent.

After interrupting, he returned with his arm:

Photo: Mark Schumacher/Freshfocus (Ibach, July 4, 2021)

In the remaining two and a half minutes, not much happened, the two parts in a tie. Since the pain increases after walking, Wiki has to give up and go to the hospital for an examination. Here’s what Joel Wiki says about the injury:

Here’s what Samuel Geiger says about the sitter:

Sven Schurtenberger works directly in front of the upper coupling from first gear. Lucerne, who was in the final session of Stos a week ago, was defeated by Bern guest Kilian von Weissenfluh. Von Weissenfluh won with an inside hook.

For the other Swiss Confederations, the festival starts with a victory: Christian Schuler beat Northwest Switzerland guest Andreas Doble, René Sobiger against Stefan Arnold too, and Alex Schuler celebrates with a win over Christian Udermatt.

The day begins with Marcel Pierre (vs Cordan Orlick), Reto Notzli (vs Marc Gottofre), Eric Fankhauser (vs Samuel Braun) and Andy Imhoff (vs Lario Kramer) with one lead. Mike Mollstein also tied with Roger Richen from northeastern Switzerland.

Ah’s Benji doesn’t have a perfect start. He loses surprisingly to Urs Dobmann of Lucerne.


11:12 AM

Gear Three begins: Andy Imhoff (Ettinghausen) defeated Beat Suter (Oberägeri).

10:53 AM

This means that the second gear is out. Benji von Ah record:

10:47 AM

Samuel Geiger (Ottoberg) defeated Remo Vogel (Hassel). Giger receives 9.75.

10:42 AM

Kilian von Weissenflueh (Hasselberg) also won second gear, this time against Marco Lucy (Ennetbürgen) with a score of 9.75.

10:41 AM

After placing 10: Marcel Pierre (Edelbach) beat Jonas Porsche (Stalden).

10:34 AM

Christian Schuler, a six-time finalist at the Swiss Central Wrestling Festivals from Rothenthurm, puts Marco Heiniger (Welisau) into sawdust with Kurz. This gives a score of 10.

10:32 am

Guest wrestler Lario Kramer (Galmiz) wins against Ueli Rohrer (Flüeli-Ranft) and gets a score of 9.75.

10:29 AM

Reto Notzli (Pfavicon) with 10 against Lucas Oteiger (Rothenburg)

10:24 am

Sven Schurtenberger (Botechols) with a flat throw against Andreas Odermatt (Initmus). This gives a seamless 10.

10:21 am

Andy Imhoff scored his first win. He took down Peter Gerber (Hergeswil near Willisaw) and got a 10.

10:15 am

Eric Fankhauser (Hassel) and Patrick Beechart (Mutathal). They both get 8.75

10:12 AM

René Suppiger (Luthern) makes a short for Alex Hopper (Tuggen) and receives a 10. So the Lucerne wrestler has an impeccable record with a double 10th grade.

10:11 am

Guest wrestler Roger Richen (Mollis) makes a short run for Roger Muller (Romos) and takes the number 10.

10:05 AM

It is placed between Andreas Doble (Sarmenstorf, row 9) and Mathias Herger (Altdorf, 8.75).

9:57 AM

Benji von Ah keeps on running: Giswil-born Roland Bucher (Walchwil) puts one shot into the sawdust. For this, give 10.

9:56 am

Mike Molesten (Steinerberg) puts Ronnie Schopfer (Wiggin) into sawdust. Müllestein receives 9.75 for this.

09:49 am

The highest pairs of second gear

Michael Mueller ISV Roger Richen NOSV
Alex Huber ISV René Suppiger ISV
Patrick Betschart ISV Eric Fankhauser ISV
Peter Gerber ISV Andy Imhoff ISV
Andreas Dobley NWSV Matthias Herger ISV
Roland Bucher Benji vo Ah ISV

09:34 am

Joel Wiki has to give up the competition in central Switzerland. This is what Joel Wiki coach Daniel Husler said in an interview with Tele 1.

“While turning, Joel Wiki received pressure in his extended elbow and felt a pinch as a result. We tried to neutralize the infection by cooling and heat.”

He finished swinging the fairway, in favor of the team. Husler continued to have increased pain after walking and the arm swelled slightly. The next step now is to have the MRI done in the hospital.

Here’s what Joel Wiki had to say about his injury:

09:21 am

Joel Wiki looks wrapped in sawdust: the competition between Wicki and Giger resumed in the last 150 seconds. At the end of the lane ends. They both get 8.75.

09:16 am

The good news first: Joel Wiki should start competing again. The hand injury does not appear to be very serious.

Joel Wiki handles.

Joel Wiki handles.

Photo: Mark Schumacher/Freshfocus

09:03 am

The first duel between Joel Wicki (Sörenberg) and Samuel Giger of the Northeast Swiss Wrestling Federation has stopped. Wicki injured his right hand in this scene and needs attention.

09:03 am

Kilian von Weissenfluh vom Hasliberg can beat Sven Schurtenberger (Buttisholz) in Swiss roof fencing. This gives a maximum score of 10.

8:57 am

Mike Molesten (Steinerberg) and Roger Richen of the Northeast Swiss Wrestling Federation. They both get 8.75.

8:52 am

Marcel Pierre (Edelbach) and Corden Orlick from the Bernese Schwingerand Oberland. This gives a normal score of 8.75.

8:44 am

Christian Schuller (Rothenthurm), two-time winner of the Swiss Wrestling Festival, makes a short run for Andreas Doble, guest slingshot from northwest Switzerland, after about 10 seconds. There are 10 for this.

8:42 AM

Andy Imhoff (Attinghausen) and Lario Kramer of the Swiss Southwest Wrestling Federation. There are 8.75 for both.

8:36 am

Eric Fankhauser, 2018 Canton Zug winner, and Samuel Braun of the Northwest Swiss Wrestling Federation (8.75).

8:31 AM

Reto Nötzli (Pfäffikon) and guest wrestler Marc Gottofrey (Echallens). They both get 8.75.

8:24 am

The first surprise of the day is the truth: Urs Dobmann (Romus) beats Benji von Ah (Giswell) with a flat throw. There are 10 in a row for this.

8:21 am

Alex Schuler (Rothenthorn) puts Christian Odermatt (Ennetmoos) in sawdust. This gives us 9.75.

8:19 am

Rene Sobiger (Luthern) wins after a short fight against Stefan Arnold (Attinghausen).

8:17 am

Here’s the first: There is no winner between Ole Hurlimann (Walschweil) and Lauren Vogel (Malts).

8:12 am

Adrian Egli (Steinhuserberg) puts Beni Gwerder (Muotathal) into sawdust with a flat throw. This gives a seamless 10.

8:06 am

At first, two people from central Switzerland met. Andreas Elmeijer (Hohenren) puts Alex on a wall (Rothenthurm) with a stick in sawdust. The maximum score for this is 10, and for the Auf der Mauer the score remains 8.5.

07.50 am

And these are Short images for my favorites

7.40 a.m. – Best Couples

7:30 a.m. – These are the guests of the swingers

Northeastern Swiss Wrestling Association

  • Geiger Samuel, Ottoberg
  • Richen Roger Resilient

Bernice Canton Wrestling Association

  • From Weissenfluh Kilian, Hasliberg
  • Ulrich Corden, Robijn

Swiss Northwest Wrestling Association

  • Döbeli Andreas, Sarmenstorf
  • Bron Samuel, Ettingen

Swiss Southwest Wrestling Associationرابطة

  • Kramer Lario, Galmez
  • Gottofrey Mark, Escalence

7.20 am

ISAF Festival Program 2021



8 o’clock Swing in first gear
9.15 am Second gear start
10.45 am 3rd gear swing
12 o’clock lunch break
It’s 13 Fourth gear swing
2.15 pm Fifth gear cutting
3 pm 1st place advertisement
3:15 pm handing over the flag
3:30 pm. 6 pieces gear
It’s 16.30 Final course
5.30 pm Declaration of rank with sick leave

7.15 am – Welcome to ISAF

114th Swiss Central Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Eibach You will play without spectators. The event is not public. A total of 200 wrestlers participate.

View of Schwingplatz in Ibach.

View of Schwingplatz in Ibach.

picture. Urs Flueler/Keystone (Ibach, July 4, 2021)


Joel Wiki cut himself in first speed and had to be checked into the hospital.

Photo: Urs Flüeler/Keystone (Ibach, July 4, 2021)

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