Celina Haider from Ingolstadt about the successful World Cup and attractive offers from other clubs

She managed to celebrate twice at the World Cup in Canada in the match against Sweden: Selina Heider from ERC Ingolstadt was named the player of the game after that. Photo: Imago Images

Six points in six games – Selina Haider (22) played well at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Brampton (Canada). In an interview, the ERC Ingolstadt striker talks about a special souvenir, inquiries from other clubs and her plans for the summer.

Ms. Haider, I’m back from the World Cup in Canada. Have you already unpacked your suitcases and bags?
Selina Haider: no not yet. I had to move on as soon as I arrived, we have a training course with the German Armed Forces.

Anyway, you brought home a nice souvenir from Canada – a gift for a solid performance in the first game of the World Cup against Sweden, when you were named man of the match after a 6-2 victory.
Haider: Yes, a custom paddle is drawn for each player in the game. And because I scored two goals, I also got two balls at the end of the World Cup indicating who scored against whom.

The putter features flowers representing the provinces of Canada. What do you do with the beautiful piece?
Haider: I don’t know exactly where he’s going yet, but he’ll have a special place where I see him often. It was a beautiful moment that I remember fondly.

Was this game your international breakthrough?
Haider: breakthrough? Phew, do not know. I have to be able to keep my performance at the level. In the ensuing World Cup matches, I always tried to give 100 per cent and I think that generally worked really well. I want to build on this performance in the next World Cup.

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They got four points against Sweden. How many offers from the mighty Swedish SDHL flitted through your house then?
Haider: From SDHL actually nothing. But from other clubs, from Finland and Switzerland. An agent for Canada contacted me.

what did you answer
Haider: To be honest, I haven’t answered yet. Just a quick note that I’ll be in touch after the World Cup – but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…but I’ll write that it’s not an option for me at the moment, but maybe I can fancy doing it in the future.

You just moved into your new apartment. This seems like a commitment to ERC Ingolstadt.
Haider: In any case. Especially because of the Bundeswehr, it’s a great choice. I will play at least in ERC next season.

What is your conclusion of the World Cup?
Haider: If you compare it to the previous World Cup in August…

When Tanja Eisenschmidt’s last-second goal secured relegation…
Haider: … Then it was a big step forward for me personally and for us as a team. Still, there was more. Especially in the matches against Hungary (2:1, editor’s note) and France (3:0) We could and should have won more. Finally against Finland (2:8)They are a good team, and this is shown by their qualification once again to the first group. But we shouldn’t have conceded so many goals. Eventually we ran out of air.

I’ve played in the World Championships with ERC captains Teresa Wagner and Bernadette Karpf. A row reminiscent of the 2022 championship season with the Panthers, right?
Haider: completely. For me that was cool. Personally, I get along very well with both and on the ice they know how to do the other. This helps us. Striker isn’t really my position, but the coaches said I’m versatile. In the end it turned out pretty well.

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Unlike some of your teammates, you didn’t have to take a World Cup holiday. After your training at Inlingua, you are now a sports soldier again.
Haider: Yes, this is the best option for us women if you want to be on a professional level. Otherwise, you won’t gain anything with ice hockey.

On the sidelines of the World Cup, national teammate Daria Gleisner called for something to change in the women’s field, for the need for reforms, including financial ones.
Haider: It would be nice if something changed. But I think you should get more girls into ice hockey first. Many clubs organize girls’ days and such activities to get people excited about ice hockey. I don’t know how many girls really stick to hockey. As long as you don’t earn anything in the Premier League, the sport is relatively unattractive, especially for girls who lack ambition.

What drew you to hockey? Your father Hans Haider, who also played for the Egyptian Red Crescent?
Haider: Yes. I haven’t done anything else since the beginning. My dad took me to the ice rink and I loved it. On the other hand, I tried soccer and things like that, but ice hockey has always been my sport.

You are now a champion and a cup winner with the Egyptian Red Crescent and you have played the World Cup successfully. When you were young, you definitely had to assert yourself with the boys at ESC Dorfen. How hard was that when you were a little girl?
Haider: My dad was my coach all through my younger years, so I didn’t pass up. I have no idea how he would have gone if he hadn’t been there. There was one girl next to me. I think I got a good education.

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You have good ski and pole technique. And sometimes you can be very toxic, right?
Haider: Yes, right (laughs).

Does this determine how you play?
Haider: Yes Nice. But sometimes I get in my own way. If it doesn’t go well, then it gets too cerebral, and then I drop myself. But in the end I managed to do it really well. I’ve also worked with a mental coach.

How did this happen?
Haider: We got this option from ERC Ingolstadt. The trainer does not exist, and is based in Canada. But we’ve had him there before and can get online with him if we want to.

Now that the World Cup is over, do you have time to take a vacation before the new season picks up steam again in late summer?
Haider: I am now in Warendorf for three weeks on the Bundeswehr course, and only then will I go on vacation to Thailand.

It’s time to get away from hockey.
Haider: exactly. We are currently on a gymnastics course, training with other soldiers and did an interval run right away. Hoses are smart. When the course is over, I want to relax.

Conversation led
Martin Wimoester.

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