June 20, 2024

Altensteiger Gymnasium: University President Frank Wigan resigns after quarrels - Altensteig & Ocean

Altensteiger Gymnasium: University President Frank Wigan resigns after quarrels – Altensteig & Ocean

The president of Christopherus Gymnasium, Frank Wigan, has resigned due to the inconsistencies. Photo: quinque

The Christophorus-Gymnasium begins the 2022/2023 academic year on September 12 with 500 students in 15 classes and two top-level advanced courses – then without former university president Frank Wigan, who left the school after scuffles.

Conclusion – 51 teachers give lessons. 70 fifth graders were accepted.

With the onset of summer vacation, two long-serving teachers have retired. For 33 years, Gerddor trained high school students in Latin and French and conveyed lasting impressions through study trips to Paris for the advanced course. In addition, he participated in training to be a school bus host and represent high school interests in Altenstege City Council, Vice President Markus Schraed said at an internal ceremony.

For 31 years, Thomas Höhn explained the basic scientific laws and phenomena in physics and encouraged mathematical activities among students. He also headed Jazz-AG for many years.

With Caroline Adolf, a committed sports teacher and German teacher left the Christopherus Gymnasium after twelve years. In the future you will study at the OHG in Nagold. It also excelled as a companion in the England Stock Exchange.

Trained teachers Joanna Hauser (German and English), Miriam Kluglish (French and Music) and Anne Schaefer (Math and Sports) were bid farewell to the meeting. After passing the exams, the three were taken to teach elsewhere.

After a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ), Elena Brösamle is no longer around. She began apprenticeship as an art and draftsman, and in high school did organizational tasks in the school library, administration, and secretarial. In the 2022/2023 academic year, two FSJ students are expected to take care of mainly homework supervision.

new teachers

The resulting gap in faculty is filled by two males and one male fellow. For Laura Cinelli, Altensteig is her first job after the presentation. She gives lessons in French and history.

Tillman Koloska (German, English and Latin) was transferred from a school in the administrative district of Stuttgart to Christophorus-Gymnasium for family reasons.

Teacher and leader at Christophorus-Kantorei, Michael Nonnenmann, is particularly pleased with the return of Wolfgang Weible. After a longer stay in Palestine, the music and religion teacher is once again leading the CGA’s Children and Youth Choir.

University President Frank Wigan left. After quarrels with the city of El Tenstegh as the school’s authority and resistance from teachers and parents over the future direction of the choir, the Director of Studies resigned after six years, sold his home in El Tenstegh and moved to Egypt with the family in July. The 58-year-old Wigan took over the German School in Alexandria at the beginning of August.

The position of the university president has been announced

The job at Altensteig was advertised in the newspaper “Culture and Education”. Rep. Markus Schraed will temporarily chair Christopher’s Gymnasium until the new date. In this capacity, he will welcome 500 new students and teachers to Eichwaldhalle on Monday 12 September at 7:45 am, and the following afternoon 70 new 5th graders at an initiation ceremony.

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Franziska Herm is the first point of contact for 5a, Sonja Bäurle for 5b and Karin Engesser for 5c (choral class).

The collaboration with Karl Haldenwang School in Sommenhardt will continue into the sixth grade. Last year six students with Down syndrome were admitted. The school dog project should also continue with new teacher and municipal councilor Claudia Bertram Schuller. She comes to high school once a week with her four-legged friend “Fritz” and is mainly used in 5th and 6th grades. Shrad: “When the dog is in the classroom, the students are calmer and more focused.”

Exchange with partner schools

The exchange program continues with partner schools in Italy (Ferrara and Assisi), France (Port Saint Maurice and Bordeaux) and the United States (BOT). Only cooperation with the Russian Star City is suspended for political reasons. The first date has already been set: in November, students of Altensteiger High School will travel to Ferrara.

Existing working groups will continue. The choir is conducted by Michael Nonnenmann, the Children’s and Youth Choir by Wolfgang Weibel, the Youth Symphony Orchestra by Jota Hai, the sports ensemble led by Hubert Türk, and the theater group by Sven Gebhard. Joachim Kreuger replaces. You can also get a French DELF certification at the Altensteiger Gymnasium.

Support concept

The new support concept was first tested last school year. Remedial lessons – particularly in German, mathematics, English, French and Latin – aim to give pupils from grade 5 to grade 10 the opportunity to work through gaps and weaknesses in a targeted manner. The goal is to continue providing this service in the new academic year. According to Shred, a similar new project called “Learning with Tailwind” is still in the planning stage.

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Digitization is being pushed even further. All fifth and sixth graders receive an iPad. In addition, a 3D printing center will be created for NWT classes in eighth and tenth grades by converting a room formerly used as a bookstore.

According to information from the deputy director, only one concert is scheduled for this year at Weible’s former workplace in Palestine. He also heard that Christopheros Kantori is planning a musical show that will be performed shortly before the start of the summer holidays next year.

An alternative to the canteen

After the young village of Altensteig shuts down its canteen, Schrade is happy and grateful to find another solution. Starting in September, high school students can order a meal at CJD-Haus Terwil at a subsidized rate. Meals are delivered by an outside contractor.