Servette makes the tiebreaker straightaway in the final against Bale

Match winner Marc-Antoine Beaulieu thanks the Geneva supporters who traveled with them.Photo: Cornerstone

Genève-Servette regains home advantage in a best-of-7 final series against Bell. The winner of the qualifiers equalized a 3-2 away win to make it 2-2.

04/20/2023, 22:2904/20/2023, 22:39

The winner of the Geneva match was 37-year-old Marc-Antoine Beaulieu, who scored 1-1 (19) and won 3-2 (51) in almost the same fashion with the help of Alessio Bertaggia. His second goal in this match was scored after 59 seconds from 2: 2 by PostFinance top scorer Tony Rajala (50), who scored his ninth goal and 13th top scorer point in the current playoffs.

It was the Seelanders’ first goal on their 13th Power play in this finals series. In the end, it was only a small consolation, because the Genevans saved the lead over time. The fourth match ended in the final with a one goal difference.

In the twelfth match of extra time, Bell lost the net 1: 2 (24th). Geneva’s clear center Mike Richard fought back the puck in the opposite area after a foul by Luka Hischer, served Daniel Winnick, who did not give Harry Satre, who returned in front of Bell’s gate after a break, a chance. So Richard (three goals) holds like Ragala with 13 points top scorer in this qualifier – that’s the best value.

In the 31st minute, the hosts celebrated with a score of 2: 2 scored by Etienne Freudfou, who is retiring at the end of the season. However, after studying the video images, the referees did not give the goal to Meyer because Mike Kunzel was handicapped. In the 35th minute, Froidevaux had a good chance to catch up, but Servette didn’t deserve to make it 2-1 after 40 minutes. The win was also good, and the Geneva team did more for the game – the shooting ratio was 32:23 in their favor.

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Looking back on this match, Bale’s side must mourn in the 10th minute. Despite being outnumbered, they managed to make it 2-1, Jiri Saalenen’s 2-0 seemed to be just a formality, but Geneva goalkeeper Robert Maier made a miraculous save. This show awakened the guests who, as in the first game of this latest series in Biel (2:3), fell asleep at first.

Just a few seconds later, Tino Kessler came close to making it 1-0 in Selander’s favour, but the striker failed to hit Meyer three minutes later. On the third attempt, Kessler succeeded, who was forgotten in front of the Geneva goal. Rajala did a great preliminary job. The fifth match will be played in Geneva on Saturday.

Bell 2-3 Geneva Servette (1-1, 0-1, 1-1)
6,562 spectators. – SR Wigan/Cherig, Ovigeser/Altmann.
Portals: 7. Kessler (Ragala, Schneberger) 1-0. 19 Beaulieu (Bertagia, Creer) 1-1. 24. Winnick (Richard/lowest goal count!) 1:2.50. (49:33) Rajala (Salinen, Brunner/Powerplay goal) 2:2.51 (50:32) Pouliot 2:3
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Bale, 4 times 2 minutes plus playing time (Maurer) against Geneva Servette.
PostFinance top scorer: ragala. Richard.
Biel: satire. Rathgeb, Love; Yakovenko, Grossman; Schneberger, Forster; Delimont. Kessler, Salenen, Rajala; Hofer, Haas, Olofsson; Brunner, Conte, Kunzel; Hischier, Froidevaux, Schläpfer; Stampley.
Geneva Servet: Mayer. Carrier, Tomris; Vatanen, a construction worker. Jacquemet, LeCoultre; a full minute Miranda, Vilbola, Finick; Bablan, Richard, Rod; Hartikainen, Jooris, Omark; Smirnov, Polliot, Bertagia; Anthony.
comments: Geneve Servet without Berthon (infected) and Ovito (foreign surplus). Bale from 58:35 to 59:39 and from 59:45 without a goalkeeper. (Abu / Sada)

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