Caribbean countries in Hispaniola – Dominican Republic begin construction of border wall with Haiti – News

  • The Dominican Republic began building a wall along the border with Haiti. It is said to cost $31 million.
  • “The benefits for both countries will be of great importance,” Dominican President Luis Abenader said at the groundbreaking ceremony.
  • In addition, it will stop the smuggling of goods and weapons and help fight organized crime in both countries.

Abenader said at the start of the construction of the wall, 230 kilometers northwest of the capital, Santo Domingo, that the first phase of the project will be completed within nine months at the latest. According to the Dominican government, 70 watchtowers will be built along the fortress, which is 164 kilometers long and 3.9 meters high, and cameras with facial recognition software, motion sensors and drones are used for border security.

Tension has existed between the two neighboring countries of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola for years. The length of the border of the two countries is about 392 km. Crime-ridden Haiti is one of the poorest countries, while the Dominican Republic has thrived in recent decades thanks to political stability and tourism. Many Haitians flee in search of work in the Dominican Republic.

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