April 25, 2024

Canadian invents Tinder for dogs

Canadian invents Tinder for dogs

A Canadian has created an app that works like Tinder for dogs. In “Pawmates” dogs can “pass” on to new playmates. Business is booming.

The basics in brief

  • Canadian developed “Tinder for dogs”.
  • By swiping left and right, new playmates are found for the companion.
  • The app is so popular in Toronto that it is now looking to expand.

Colin Jarvis Guam of Toronto developed a dog hook for his pet. With the “Pawmates” app, dogs can swipe left and right and make new friends in their neighborhood. If you both swipe to the right, a meeting can be arranged using the chat function.

The old dog can’t play in the garden anymore

It all started with the Jarvis-Guam dog, he told CTV News. “My Golden Retriever Pal was getting a little bit old. In the park he couldn’t keep up with the smaller dogs.” So he tried to find more age-appropriate friends for his pet, but that turned out to be difficult.

Soon he came up with the idea for the app. The 27-year-old has no background in IT and taught himself programming via YouTube. The app is already popular in Toronto with around 10,000 users registered. Jarvis Guam wants to expand now.

The app grows and grows

The app has long ceased to be just for walkers, but for everything modern dogs need today. Dog day care, hairdressers, vets, and accessory stores can be found. In the future, a real-time warning system for lost and runaway dogs will be added. In the medium term, the inventor also wants to make adoptions possible via the app.

The app is available worldwide, but so far it has been used primarily in Canada. And of course, how could it be otherwise, the app doesn’t just bring dogs together. Two of its users have not only found playmates for their pets via “Pawmates”, but also a lifelong partner. “I’m really happy about it,” says Jarvis Guam.

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