March 3, 2024

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Canada is appealing the Indigenous Peoples Compensation ruling

Canada timely appealed the ruling that the state must pay billions of dollars in compensation to Aboriginal people who were forcibly sent to boarding schools for Aboriginal children. At the same time, the government has announced that it will not pursue an appeal for two months to clear the matter out of court through conversations with prosecutors during this time, Cuthpress reported today.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has said it is not opposed to compensation, but is facing problems with jurisdiction and the allocation of funds, the BBC reported yesterday.

On September 29, the Canadian Federal Court upheld a 2016 ruling that the government is underfunded for Aboriginal childcare compared to non-Indigenous children. According to the court, First Nations members who were sent to boarding schools as children for some kind of re-education will be compensated with 40,000 Canadian dollars (about 27,900 euros). The case created tension between the First Nations and the government.

Activists urged the government not to take action against the ruling. Trudeau, who was re-elected in September, had promised when he took office in 2015 to strengthen and restore ties with Indigenous communities.

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