July 12, 2024

Diamond League: Mihambo misses out on victory in Stockholm

Diamond League: Mihambo misses out on victory in Stockholm

Malacca Mihambo missed out on a thrilling Diamond League encounter in Stockholm but produced their best performance of the season despite poor weather conditions.

The world and Olympic champion, who finished second with 6.66m in 15 degrees on Sunday in continuous rain, was not displeased: “I fought bravely today. I had a bad cold in the previous season. I’m still noticing it. But I can see I’m on the right track,” Mihambo told Sky. .

Italian Larisa Ibisino jumped three centimeters. European champion Ivana Vuleta of Serbia finished third with a throw of 6.58m. At the World Cup in Budapest at the end of August, Mihambo will fight for his third consecutive world title.

Konstanze Klosterhalfen still chased her best in her first race of the season over 5000m. The European champion did not finish 14th. The Leverkusen athlete, who trains in America, was unable to follow the lead group early on and crossed the finish line after a disappointing time of 15:13.06 minutes. Beatrice Sebet of Kenya won in 14:36.52 minutes.

Klosterhalfen puzzles over the reasons for the poor performance

“I don’t know what’s going on. Training has been good so far, we’ve been on a high for two months,” Klosterhalfen said: “We have to find the reasons now.”

In difficult conditions due to the wetness of the rink, Christine Putens was the best of a German discus trio in third place. A week before the German Championships in Kassel, the woman from Potsdam threw 62.33 meters. Shanice Craft and Claudine Vita finished fourth and fifth with 61.51 meters and 61.01 meters. Two-time Olympic champion Sandra Berkovic of Croatia won with a throw of 64.49m.

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Stats from Stockholm: Hartmann third in sprint

100m (1m/s tailwind): 1st Akani Simbine (South Africa) 10.03s, 2nd Reece Prescott (Great Britain) 10.14, 3rd Joshua Hartmann (Cologne) 10.23

400m: 1st Jagidi Nene (South Africa) 45.30s, 2nd Emmanuel Bamidale (Nigeria) 45.48, 3rd Matthew Hudson-Smith (Great Britain) 45.57

800m: 1st Djamel Sedjati (Algeria) 1:44.59 mins, 2nd Saul Ordonez (Spain) 1:44.67, 3rd Gabriel Duval (France) 1:44.85

400m Hurdles: 1st Karsten Warholm (Norway) 47.57s, 2nd Kyron McMaster (BVI) 48.94, 3rd Rasmus Magee (Estonia) 49.04

3000m Hurdles: 1. Soufian El Bakali (Morocco) 8:09.84 minutes, 2. Ketnet Wale (Ethiopia) 8:12.27, 3. Abram Sim (Ethiopia) 8:16.82

High jump: 1. Hamish Kerr (New Zealand) 2.24m, 2. Thomas Carmoy (Belgium) 2.20, 3. Andriy Prodchenko (Ukraine) 2.16

Pole Vault: 1st Armand Duplantis (Sweden) 6.05m, 2nd Ernest Jan Obina (Philippines) 5.82, 3rd Paul Haugen Lilliphos (Norway)

Discus Throw: 1. Kristjan Ce (Slovenia) 69.83m, 2. Daniel Stahl (Sweden) 67.57, 3. Andrius Kutsius (Lithuania) 67.19 (SIT)


200m (0.6m/s headwind): 1st Daryl Neeta (Great Britain) 22.50s, 2nd Tina Asher-Smith (Great Britain) 22.58, 3rd Jael Bestew (Spain) 22.59

1500m: 1st Freweni Hailu (Ethiopia) 4:02.31 mins, 2nd Tribe Weldeji (Ethiopia) 4:02.79, 3rd Hirut Meshesha (Ethiopia) 4:03.01

5000m: 1st Beatrice Sebet (Kenya) 14:36.52mins, 2nd Lemlem Hailu (Ethiopia) 14:38.06, 3rd Medina Isa (Ethiopia) 14:40.02, … 14th Konstanze: Klosterhalfens3,

100m Hurdles: 1. Tobi Amusan (Nigeria) 12.52s, 2. Sarah Lavin (Ireland) 12.73, 3. Pia Scriszowska (Poland) 12.78

Long Jump: 1 Larisa Ibisino (Italy) 6.69m, 2 Malacca Mihambo (LG Gurbals) 6.66, 3 Ivana Vuleta (Serbia) 6.58

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Discus: 1 Sandra Perkovic (Croatia) 64.49m, 2 Jorinde van Klingen (Netherlands) 62.96, 3 Christine Budens (Potstam) 62.33, 4 Claudine Witta (Neubrandenburg) 61.51, Shanisle 61.06