May 24, 2024

Canada gets its first professional women's soccer league

Project 8 is the name of the league. Women's teams from Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are already in attendance.

More teams will be announced in the next few weeks. To date, Canada has been the only country in the FIFA women's top 10 that does not have its own league. That should change next year.

Global News Canada interviewed Kim Brasseur, founder and director of Future Girls Soccer. This is a Canadian initiative for young female soccer players. Brasseur is happy with Project 8 and believes it will be good for young footballers to finally be able to experience female football stars.

In addition to good works, Project 8 founders also hope to provide more opportunities for women in sports and more exposure for athletes.

The timing (for the launch) couldn't be better with the growing viewership and popularity of women's sports in general.

What's happening in German women's football?

Women's football was officially banned in Germany for a long time. The reason: Women who played soccer were viewed as unfeminine and unaesthetic. Women have only been allowed to play football again since 1970. And it was worth it – the German women's national team has since won two world championships and eight European Championship titles. But there are still problems with recognition, says trainer Victoria Mahmoud from TGV Dürrenzimmern 1:

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