March 2, 2024

Canada debates delivery of air-to-air missiles to Ukraine

Ukraine has asked the government in Ottawa to send thousands of anti-aircraft missiles — but there are discussions in Canada about a possible donation. Conservative Canadian Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre has called on Liberal Justin Trudeau's government to provide Ukraine with tens of thousands of obsolete CRV7 weapons to defend against Russia.

“It is time for less talk and more action,” Poilivre said in a statement. “Ukraine has asked the Canadian government to give it these surplus weapons. Instead of Canadians spending millions of dollars to disable these weapons, common sense conservatives are calling on the Trudeau government to give these weapons to Ukraine.

In fact, a total of about 83,000 rockets are to be phased out. According to public broadcaster CBC, Ottawa is considering releasing the missiles, but is concerned about their usability. Several rockets were missing their warheads. A possible distribution is checked.

“Before sending the equipment to Ukraine, we coordinate closely with Ukraine to ensure that any donation meets its military needs and verify the operational effectiveness of the equipment,” Defense Ministry spokesman Daniel Minden was quoted as saying.

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