February 24, 2024

Fan gift for saving Nasi in Canada – “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

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Knossi lasted the entire 14 days of 7 vs. Wild Season 3. He has a fan to thank for that. His gift is worth its weight in gold.

Vancouver Island, Canada – Season 3 of 7 vs. Wild is out now on YouTube. After the end of the survival form, some revelations still come to light. Among others, Gnossi and Sasha Huber have had some early help. A fan gift to Nassi in Season 3 of 7 against the Wild saved the two surviving starters.

7 vs. Wild: Fan Gift Saves Nasi – “We Use It In Turkey”

This is a fan's gift to Nasi: Before the start of 7 vs. Wild Season 3, Nassi streamed from Vancouver Island. Met a fan in Canada. He wasn't the only one as many fans visited the 7 vs. Wild venue following the leak. Unlike most, Nasi's fan turned out to be friendly and helpful. Because he gave Nasi a fishing net”This is what we use in Turkey“.

The fan, Akif, watched the videos about the bottles and asked himself why no one wanted to pick up the fishing net. tırıvırı, as he calls the net, is more practical than a line with a hook because you don't need any bait. Unable to believe the Gnosis gesture”Thank you from the bottom of my heartBefore taking another photo with Akif.

7 vs. Wild: Fan Gift Saves Nasi and Sasha – Extra Celebrity Bonus

The fishing net saved Nasi and Sasha: This is not just an empty gesture. Because the fishing net may have actually saved Nassy and Sasha Huber. With the same net, two survivalists managed to catch more than 40 fish.

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7 vs Wild © IMAGO: Pond5 Images/Gartner (montage) Knossi is saved by a fan in the match

Despite the great fishing success, Nasi and Chaska caused a bit of a stir after the 7 vs. Wild ending. Fans called for disqualification at 7 vs. Wild for alleged rules violation. The streamer king shouldn't worry about that because Nasi revealed what's next for him with 7 vs. Wild.