December 7, 2023

Bruneau: Kanada kann auch ohne Leylah Fernandez und Bianca Andreescu gut abschneiden

Canada could do well without Layla Fernandez and Bianca Andreescu

Canadian King’s Cup captain Billy Jean Sylvain Bruno insists they should not be written off despite the absences of Bianca Andreescu and Lila Fernandez from the Billie Jean King Cup. The Canadian team was dealt a severe blow when the two best players on the team decided to skip the tournament.

Canada captain Heidi the Chef marries during the Billie Jean King Cup, so Bruno takes his place. Bruno nominated Rebecca Marino, Carol Gau, Francoise Abanda and Gabriela Dabrowski for the Billie Jean King Cup.

“I have always enjoyed the team competitions and represented our country. I think this is the greatest privilege and honor, so this is for this time and I appreciate it as always.

It’s also a special event because at the end of the year we’ve never been in this environment with the big countries, it’s very special, so we’re really enjoying it,” Bruno said on the Billie Jean King Cup website.

Bruno trusts the Canadian team that it may take a long time

“We’re ready and I know the girls are going to give it their all,” Bruno added. “I think while we’re probably inferior on paper, anything is possible, I really trust that.”

Canada faces France and the Czech Republic in the group stage. “I was curious to come here and see what it would be like and what I see is that the organization is really good,” Cornet said.

“It’s not easy to have a competition like this with 12 teams, the same hotel, the same venue, all the locker rooms and all the organizations that follow, and I think they’re doing a great job.

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The conditions are really great and I congratulate Prague for that.” France returned to the reigning Billie Jean King Cup. “I told the girls that I am sure a country that wins this competition will leave them with great feelings and great memories at the end.

“I asked them to do whatever it took to make it live this again,” said Julien Benneteau, French Billie Jean King Cup captain.