December 11, 2023

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Great Britain wants to become a ‘climate-neutral financial centre’

GLASGOW (dpa-AFX) – The British government wants to require financial institutions and other companies to submit plans to convert them to climate neutrality. This comes from an announcement previously distributed by the Treasury in London. She said Finance Minister Rishi Sunak wanted to present the project on Wednesday at the UN global climate summit in Glasgow. This could make the UK the world’s first climate-neutral financial centre.

According to Sunak, 30 countries on six continents have committed to establishing global standards for measuring the impact of plants on climate. This will help provide investors with the information they need to make climate-friendly investments. Together, these countries are responsible for more than 70 percent of the world’s GDP.

According to the announcement, Sunak is also optimistic that the industrial countries’ goal of raising $100 billion annually for climate protection in developing countries can be achieved by 2023. In fact, according to the Paris Climate Agreement, the amount should have flowed in since 2020. The industrialized countries were It has already acknowledged a three-year delay a few days before the Climate Summit. /cmy/DP/zb

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