June 20, 2024

Die  Eishockey-Mannschaft Vancouver Canucks  spielt in der ersten Liga in Kanada. (Archivbild) Foto: imago images/ZUMA Press/Darryl Dyck via www.imago-images.de

Canada: A medical student diagnoses skin cancer from the sidelines – panorama

The Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team plays in the English Premier League in Canada. (archive photo) Photo: Imago Images/Zuma Press/Daryl Dick via www.imago-images.de

A young medical student has taken over the entire Canadian ice hockey club with a suspected life-saving diagnosis. The 22-year-old discovered melanoma in the neck of kitten Brian Hamilton.

MONTREAL – With a suspected life-saving diagnosis on the sidelines, a young medical student has defeated the entire Canadian ice hockey club and its fans. Brian “Reed” Hamilton, one of the coaches for the Vancouver Canucks’ Premier League ice hockey team, was looking for his savior in a tweet the club tweeted on Saturday.

Hamilton wrote: “To the woman I am trying to find: You changed my life and now I want to find you to say thank you very much.” The woman was one of the spectators in the Seattle Kraken’s game against the Vancouver Canucks on October 23. She discovered a suspicious mole on the equipment manager’s neck standing in front of her and desperately tried to get his attention.

“Please see a doctor!”

Finally, she wrote a message on her cell phone. The phone screen was raised against the glass separating the spectators from the Canucks seat for Hamilton to read. “The mole on the back of her neck could be cancerous. Please go see a doctor!”

Hamilton’s message to the unknown savior spread quickly and was located within an hour. It was 22-year-old Nadia Popovici, who was recently accepted to medical school. Hamilton was thrilled at a press conference. “The only reason for the letter is because I really wanted to tell her that her insistence and everything she did was taken very seriously.”

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Hamilton himself never noticed the dangerous mole. On examination, it turned out to be a malignant melanoma, also known as black skin cancer. Doctors removed the malignant tumor.

$10,000 reward

So Hamilton celebrated Popovici as a “champion”. She said she was “an amazing person who took the time to notice something troubling and then found a way to raise awareness during the chaos of a hockey game.”

On Saturday evening (local time), Popovici and Hamilton met in person at another game between the Canucks and the Kraken in Seattle. Popovici told Hamilton, “What a great way to start my path to medical school! This is invaluable.” She was so happy for Hamilton” that I checked out.

During the match, in which Popovici wore an octopus shirt, both teams announced that they would support Popovici’s medical studies with $10,000.