Privacy: Facebook faces a class action lawsuit in the UK

Lawyers are preparing to file a class action lawsuit in Great Britain against the local branch of Facebook’s parent company Meta. Competition expert Lisa Lovedal-Jorsen of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law wants to work with lawyers from a litigation fund to sue 44 million users for damages – the lawyer believes this could amount to 2.756 billion euros.

Luvdahl-Gormssen said the company had “abused its dominant position” to enforce terms and conditions for the use of British users’ personal data. With data collected from 2015 to 2019, Facebook received a detailed picture of the internet use of those affected and made “enormous profits”.

Lovdahl-Gormsen criticizes, among other things, the “Facebook Pixel” – a JavaScript code for website owners, with which it is possible to track user behavior of site visitors. Lovdahl-Gormsen explained that anyone living in the UK who has used Facebook at least once during the relevant period can claim compensation from Facebook.

Although the lawsuit is planned jointly with an experienced British law firm, there is no guarantee that the class action will be successful. As reported by the BBC, the London’s High Court has already dismissed a lawsuit against Google in November 2021. In the case, Google was accused of illegally monitoring millions of iPhones. Another class action lawsuit brought by a British association against Google to bypass Apple’s Safari browser cookie ban in 2018.


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