April 22, 2024

Can cold pasta help you lose weight?

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Cold pasta is good for your health.Image: Cornerstone

No matter how good a cook you are (by feeling), the same thing always happens to us when simply making pasta: it becomes too much. The amount of pasta rarely matches the level of hunger. This often means there will be pasta for the next three days.

Anyone who frowns at carbohydrate-rich food can safely breathe a sigh of relief. Because: Pasta won't taste as good the next day, and it's also very good for your health – at least when eaten cold. When pasta cools after cooking, the starch in it turns into resistant starch. This starch, in turn, becomes food for our intestinal bacteria, bacteria that also help us lose weight.

Resistant starch is good for the intestines

About one hundred trillion microorganisms and thousands of different strains of bacteria live in our large intestine. They make up the normal intestinal flora, also called the microbiome. However, they not only live there, they also produce metabolic products and are partly responsible for how healthy we are. If positive bacteria are dominant in our gut, we tend to be healthier and vice versa.

“Marka”shortening» According to us, we can positively influence the bacteria that affect our overall health not only through our weight, but also through our diet – for example if we feed them resistant starch from cold pasta.

According to the new one Stady According to the specialized magazine “Nature Metabolism”, this is not only beneficial for our intestines, but also contributes to an increase in metabolic end products that help us lose weight.

Cold pasta helps you lose weight

Resistant starches are fiber and are found in starchy foods such as pasta and potatoes. Compared to regular starch, it cannot be digested in the small intestine. Only in the large intestine is it fermented by microorganisms and becomes the most important source of energy for the cells in the mucosa. This means at the same time: Some starch becomes indigestible – and therefore provides no calories, as such magazine Health insurance company technician reports.

Like other fibers, resistant starch keeps you full longer. This also helps save calories. However, the calorie content of pasta does not decrease much once it is cooled, so you can lose weight on your own. So, if you've already set yourself a weight loss goal, you should pay attention to your overall calorie balance.

Knowing this, you will still prefer eating a plate of cold pasta, even if you are on a diet.

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