July 15, 2024

Brutal American police officers torture a crazy woman (73)

Brutal American police officers torture a crazy woman (73)

Karen Garner, 73, picks up a candy bar, a can of Pepsi and a T-shirt from a Walmart store in Loveland, Colorado, without paying. The total value is $ 13.38. Garner is crazy – and soon after that he is caught in the most brutal way.

A recent video clip showing the cruelty of the arrest. Loveland Police officers stopped Austin Hope and Daria Galali Karen Garner while she was walking near the supermarket. Pick wild flowers. The recordings show the 73-year-old does not understand what the police want her to do.

“Don’t shoot, I’m handicapped.”

“Don’t shoot, I’m disabled,” someone hears Karen saying anxiously over the camera recordings. And: “I’m going home.” But the two officers pressed the elderly woman onto the hood, bound her legs together, and threw her on the ground.

The arrest was so brutal that Garner broke his elbow and dislocated her shoulder. Then, the 73-year-old victim was locked up for several hours.

Wild police officers celebrate the arrest

During this time, the police brag about their brutal arrest. This is shown by new recordings from the police station’s surveillance cameras. Officers laugh as they watch the body camera video. They say things like “Can you hear a pop?” What is meant is the sound that can be heard when the 73-year-old girl’s shoulder is dislocated. Two police officers present applaud each other, praising each other for the effort.

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The traitorous elderly woman was arrested on June 26, 2020. Only now is the recordings made public, as the Garner family filed a lawsuit against management and the police officers involved.

The prosecutor decided

Prosecutors have now opened a criminal investigation of officers Austin Hope and Daria Jalali and their supervisor at the scene, Sergeant Philip Metzler. (European Union)