May 23, 2024

Murdoch media target Biden with false news

Murdoch media target Biden with false news

No more beef? Joe Biden roasts steaks while campaigning in Iowa. Photo: Cornerstone

Children’s Books and Banning Burgers: With False News Against the Biden Government

President us Joe Biden He doesn’t have everything in his first 100 days in office, But it did a lot right. The rapid pace of vaccination and financial aid from the 1.9 trillion package garnered the plaudits of Republican voters, although many still believed the Democrat was an illegitimate president who stole the election.

A lot of people on the right spectrum get frustrated with this. And he tried to discredit the Biden government in a way from Trump’s reference: fake news. Last Saturday, the New York Post reported on its front page an alleged scandal involving Vice President Kamala Harris.

Special group campaign

The children’s book “Superheroes Everywhere” that I wrote was part of a “Welcome Pack” distributed in Long Beach (California) to unaccompanied minors from Central America United States of America Escaped. It was paid for with taxpayer money, which Harris used as the author, and suggested the Post article.

In fact, a special collection campaign was organized for migrant children in Long Beach. Harris’ book appeared in one of the photos taken. The tax money doesn’t matter. However, the New York Post added and wrote “thousands of copies” that were distributed at immigrants’ homes.

On Tuesday, Laura Italiano, author of the original article, mapped out the consequences. She resigned and wrote on Twitter that she was “ordered to write an inaccurate story”. You are “not sticking enough” against it. He was a longtime court reporter. Popular member of the editorial board.

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New editor-in-chief

The newspaper finally corrected the bogus story with a brief note and deleted the two articles from its website. By that time, he had drawn long circles in the correct spectrum. Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who aspires to the White House, quoted her in a tweet that was later deleted. A Fox News reporter even asked a spokeswoman for Joe Biden about the children’s book.

The alleged author of the story is Keith Ball, appointed by publisher Rupert Murdoch as Editor-in-Chief of The New York Post in March. Prior to that, he worked on Murdoch’s related London “bias” “The Sun” pistol. According to the New York Times, eight journalists have left the Washington Post since Paul’s appointment.

Of course, Murdoch’s Fox News station reported a fake children’s book. Practically at the same time, another supposed scandal was published. Under Joe Bidens I submitted the climate plan last week Americans are likely to only eat about two kilograms of beef a year, Fox News claims in a graph.

This caused a rage in the Land of Burgers and Steaks. Donald Trump Son. He claimed on Twitter that he ate 2 kilograms of beef the day before. Former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow, who now runs a show on Fox and claims that Americans are only allowed to drink “vegan beer,” has drawn the mockery.

Meat consumption is not a problem

The starting point for the alleged burger scandal was an article in the Daily Mail, which is not part of the Murdoch Group. The British tabloid newspaper reported that the Americans had to Reducing their beef intake to “one burger a month”.To achieve Joe Biden’s climate goal. This was very clear, but it wasn’t entirely wrong.

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But meat consumption is not an issue in the president’s plan. Fox News had to admit that on Monday. However, as with the Harris children’s book, there is always something constant. “The stories are wrong, but the right echo chamber has gone crazy,” said Black Fox presenter Juan Williams, one of the few moderate voices on the station. (pbl)

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“Kamala Harris will set an example for young American women.”

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