May 23, 2024

British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns

British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns

Fiscal policy has led to gears slipping

Recently, members of her conservative party called on the head of government to resign. On Wednesday, about 24 hours before her resignation, Truss said she would remain in the position. She said she is a fighter and does not give up. Although she noted the difficult economic times and political instability across the continent, she also admitted that she can no longer implement her vision of radical economic growth in the current circumstances.

The 47-year-old Prime Minister has been fighting for her position since she was Cause financial chaos with planned tax breaks I had to take a detour. Just last Friday, Truss fired his Treasury Secretary, Kwasi Quarting, and replaced former Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt. On Monday, Hunt reversed nearly all elements of its tax policy, which was only announced at the end of September. He announced that the cap on energy prices, which was actually intended for two years, would be limited to six months.

The fracking vote turned into a scandal

Truss faced more fanfare Wednesday night in the House of Commons to vote on fracking to extract shale gas – a practice the outgoing prime minister has tried to revive despite the opposition of many of his party colleagues. The opposition Labor Party submitted a proposal to ban fracking, which was defeated by the majority of the Conservative Conservatives. But it is said that a number of Conservatives did not vote involuntarily.

Chaotic scenes played out in the House of Commons during and after the vote. It is said that the Tories, the “whips” responsible for maintaining collective discipline, sometimes became violent in order to get proper votes. Labor MP Chris Bryant said he saw members of the House of Commons “being physically abused (…) and harassed”. This was denied by Tory MP Alex Stafford. He wasn’t treated harshly, there was only an “honest and powerful conversation” about his refusal to crack.

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Sturgeon calls for new elections – Truss leaves behind ‘chaos’

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a general election in the United Kingdom after the collapse of the British government. “New elections are now a democratic imperative,” the Scotsman wrote on Twitter. “There are no words to adequately describe this mess,” Sturgeon said. Ordinary citizens will have to pay for it. The interests of the conservative Conservative Party, which wants to find a successor to Truss within a week, should play no role now.

With information from dpa and AFP