May 18, 2024

British King Charles III. He comes to Germany on a state visit

He and his wife Camilla come to Germany for their first state visit at the end of this month. The royal couple will be in Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg from March 29-31, the Federal President’s Berlin office announced on Friday. “This early visit confirms the close and cordial friendship between our two countries and our citizens,” Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a video message.

The new king will also visit France beforehand. “The fact that King Charles chose Germany and France as his first travel destinations before his coronation is an important European gesture,” Steinmeier said. “I would say to him, but of course also to all the British: We are in Germany, we are in Europe, we want close and friendly relations with the UK even after Brexit.”

On March 29, Steinmeier and his wife, Elke Bodenbender, welcomed the royal couple with military honors to Berlin. In the evening, the Federal President invites you to a state banquet at Bellevue Palace in honor of the King. On the second day, the Federal President and his guest will attend appointments in Berlin and Brandenburg, and on the third day, the Federal President and Buddenbender will accompany their guests to Hamburg.

According to Steinmeier, he last met the king at the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II in London. Now, he said, “I invited him to Germany as the new king.” “The fact that he has accepted this invitation now, after six months, shows how much the King values ​​the friendship between our peoples.” In English, the Federal President added in his video message: “Your Majesty: I look forward to welcoming you to Germany.”

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